Gift For A Hiker Kept Indoors For This Holiday Season

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Ho- Ho- Ho, fellow hikers – yes, it’s that time of year again when we are hoping to be richly rewarded for being good throughout the year. Indeed, Santa Claus has a Christmas gift for a hiker kept indoors for this holiday season, right there in the digital stocking.

Shall we have a look, then at my gift for a hiker?

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For those among you who are still wondering what Easy Hiking is all about, here is a long description of a journey through the South of France – including wine, gluttony and afternoon naps under the shade of a chestnut tree. C’est magnifique!

"A gift for a hiker in GQ"

For those among you who do not go much for small adventures but prefer “the real thing”, how about this: 2000 miles walking the border through deserts and mountain ranges under the close eye of Mexican drug cartels and human traffickers?

"A gift for a hiker in Esquire online"

For those among you who are looking for reasons to stay well clear of natural hazards of any kind: a tale that features gale force winds, monsoon rains and lightning strong enough to lift an adult man clean into the air, all in the middle of an average American summer.

SI Vault

For those among you who are looking for something new that everybody can try: a story about hiking in the dark.

natgeo (1)

And finally, for those among you who do not care much for hiking at all: here is something about Chinese tourists in Europe, totally smirk-free and full of fascinating insights. So that’s how they see us!

New Yorker

And to all a Merry Christmas!

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12 comments to Gift For A Hiker Kept Indoors For This Holiday Season

  • Finally getting to stumble shares now that they are over 250 it is past time to knock some of them out

  • andrea (@3samovar)

    i also prefer the Elizsabeth Gilbert article, sounds like my idea of a hike…

  • That sounds particularly interesting, Sophie, though I don’t ski.

  • It can indeed be a great experience, the frisson…

  • I love the article about the John Muir night hike. How magical it must be to introduce your senses to an entirely different world without the benefit of daylight. We went through the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibit where guests are in total darkness and led by blind guides and trainers. My senses became hyper-aware in their closed controlled space. I can only imagine what the experience would be like on a 211 mile hike up a mountain in the dark.

  • Hiking in the dark sounds interesting. Up here, we ski at night. Not so dark, though, as the snow brightens everything up. Particularly beautiful in moonlight.

  • It used to be a “tradition” in my small family to have a nice long walk on Christmas day. But now that my mother is getting older and it rains on Christmas day, we push it back a day or two.

  • Jeremy Branham

    A hike on Christmas Day? That might be something I have to try one year! :)

  • All the dangers are kept at bay because you’ll be “taking part in these adventures” in the safety and warmth of your living room, Andrew. All the best to you too for this festive season.

  • Andrew Graeme Gould

    What a great collection of articles — although a couple of them look like they have their dangers!

    All the best for Christmas and the holday season!

  • And to you, Jeff! The best wishes for 2012!

  • All kinds of adventures all over the world!! Loved the article by Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors!! Merry Christmas my friends!!

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