A Wally Christmas to All!

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Our Dulcet Christmas Wishes to You, Our Readers!

Why do we all love the Internet so much? Because it allows us to answer back! “Two-way communication” is, I believe, the technical term for this. Writers no longer talk to but with their readers, leading to proper and real conversations all over cyberspace. Isn’t that wonderful?

Some of you, however, have sent me little messages in the form of comments on our posts over the past year that I could not publish on the blog because they had nasty stuff in them such as commercial links. But this being the time for goodwill, I want to re-open this blog’s communication lines with you, my friends, wherever you are (most likely cooped up somewhere in China, I presume), and reply to your comments today.

First of all: thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It is always great to feel appreciated.

A wally Christmas to all! This article is really dulcet. candle1a1

Not everybody, however, comes similarly straight to the point.

 "A wally Christmas to all!" This article is really wonderful, a friend gave me a look. I looked, I would like to express the feelings I looked. candle1a1

Go on, go on …

"A wally Christmas to all!" This article made me bright up. After reading this article, I psychopedagogy a lot. candle1a1

You WHAT? I hope you closed the bathroom door, at the very least.

"A wally Christmas to all!" This article is really okay. candle1a1

Only “okay”?

candle1a1 People do not be aware of the author’s writing situations. candle1a1

Thanks for taking into account these mitigating circumstances – and I apologize for being so mediocre. Please be aware that no writer can be dulcet to all people all of the time.

candle1a1 I want to recommend it to more people, so the more the body will be such a wally feeling. candle1a1

Good idea. The wallier, the better, I always say.

candle1a1 This article made me become shiny. candle1a1

Gee, I didn’t know I had it in me!

candle1a1 After doing some reading of this article, I inspired a lot. candle1a1

I can induce heavy breathing, too, by the sheer power of my writing – who would have thought? And then there is this:

candle1a1 If you consider do not care to catch sight of this article, the next time I am followed about your article, I think I will never again careless. Do you be satisfied of yourself, you do not know your article can make people so infatuated with. candle1a1

They LOVE me! How sweet is that?

candle1a1 I will pay more attention to your blog. I wish everyone like me here harvest happy, bring in moved. candle1a1

May your wish come true, my friend, and may everyone over there “bring in moved”, whatever that means.

candle1a1 This article is really wally. candle1a1

Wally again. I have been wondering where he was ever since I first spotted his striped sweater. Now I know: he is apparently in a dictionary somewhere (in Monty Python’s Hungarian phrase book, by the looks of it) where he is hiding under “a piece of genius”.

candle1a1 People do not be apprehensive of the author’s writing situations. I want to recommend it to more people, so the more the body will be such a good feeling…. candle1a1

Hey, I know you! Haven’t you been writing before?

candle1a1 A good article will make people horizons broadened mood because the article is true. candle1a1

I know exactly what you are trying to say, my friend. What is true is good, and what is good is true – wasn’t it Keats who was struggling with a similar thought? He could not have said it any better.

candle1a1 It make us electronicy and laugh. When I set eyes on this article, I believe I can harvest these….candle1a1

So you will be harvest happy, right? I think I am getting the knack of it.

Thanks for your comments – and have a dulcet, totally wally Christmas all of you!










9 comments to A Wally Christmas to All!

  • OMG, I just decided late last month to do a post of spammy comments. I was deleting a bunch of them and thought, why? Someone took the time to comment, even though they were off topic, silly, stupid, in another language or outlandish, they did and I should acknowledge them.
    Great minds, eh?
    Thanks for sharing some of your gems.
    And a Wally Christmas to you too!

  • Warmest wishes for Christmas and certainly praying for health and happiness for you and your lovely family, Ana!

  • ANA

    Always a pleasure to be in touch with you through your articles. Have a nice 2014 you both!

  • krishti

    wow. you simply post every bloggers mindset. i’m totally impressed in your post and thanks for this one.Marry christmas too..:)

  • Love this! Thanks for the laughs and we really should start keeping track of the lovely comments to make posts like these. I’m on auto-pilot when it comes to spam :) Merry Christmas/Maligayang Pasko to the both of you!

  • And a wally Christmas to the both of you as well! ;) Have a wonderful holiday season!!

  • Wonderful post. I should be keeping track of some of the winners I see on my site. I might have to do something similar next year.

    Merry Christmas.

  • HILARIOUS!!! A must-read for all! Have a wally Christmas too!!

  • OMG! I love — and can so relate — to this post. It should be on every bloggers reading list. Priceless.

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