The Alleys of Antibes

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Urban Walks in the French Riviera

Our one-week stay in Antibes has allowed us to savour the place like a real local. We managed to do leisurely strolls in and around the town in the evenings on days our hiking excursions were not too demanding.

On one of those strolls, we discovered the charming back alleys of Antibes, with its patterned streets, the colourful life going on there, window flower boxes overflowing with bright blossoms. Normal life going on away from the tourist hordes, that thankfully stayed in and around the famous Antibes fresh market.


In the Back Alleys  of Antibes

"The quiet alleys of Antibes"

"A colourful doorway seen in a back alley of Antibes"

"A bike in one of the alleys of Antibes"

"Patterned street in the alleways of Antibes"

An alleyway in Antibes

"A cat strolling along an alley of Antibes"

In the alleyways in Antibes

"In the alleyways in Antibes"

Not many have yet discovered the back alleys of Antibes. Now that you know about it, don’t fail to do a leisurely walk through them next time you visit. You can only be delighted, I promise you.


Have you been to a place recently where you made a charming discovery?


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15 comments to The Alleys of Antibes

  • Gorgeous photos, gorgeous town! I was last there about 20 years ago, and those alley ways remain deliciously unchanged. This post makes me want to go back! Love the fuschia coloured shutters, BB

  • What a great collection of back alleys! Love all the flowers blooming and those colorful tiles! These are the types of places I also love to explore. They’re such great places to get lost in and as long as they look like these.

  • Ooh love all the colors and shapes you found in these alleys! Can’t get enough of this type of scenery.

  • Your photos are simply divine! How enchanting and beautiful Antibes is and you really bring it to life so vibrantly in your pics! Loved my tour of Antibes.

  • These are our favorite types of ‘hikes’ – discovering the real face of the city. Beautiful shots Michael.

  • Very pretty alleys! Makes me regret that we’ve been to the Riviera twice and not stopped in Antibes.

    I found St. Remy-de-Provence to be spectacularly charming with plenty of alleys to wande around.

  • What a beautiful set of photos and what fantastic colour!

  • Kevin Brady

    We were there this past March. Perfect weather in the 60s, and the tourist traffic was very light. I wish I was back there now. Antibes is a great place to get “lost” on foot for a while. Check out the Absinthe Museum & Bar for a bit of liquid refreshment after a day of hiking.

  • I’d love to wander these alleys. Really lovely. I was just in Girona, Spain where there are lots of narrow, old streets to explore. In Barcelona’s old town there are many wonderful streets and alleys– but they were quite busy with tourists, too.

  • Jeremy Branham

    You had me at back alleys. I love wandering, even in small towns. I want to see the heart of a town/city and connect with where the people live. That’s where I feel like I experience a place (away from all the tourists).

  • Lovely photos – Smell like Provence.

  • Those are some of the prettiest back alleys I’ve ever seen. Every back alley I venture down is filled with dumpsters and graffiti. Bravo to Antibes for keeping everything so clean and inviting!

  • Joe

    No, I haven’t yet Michael, but it will be on my “To visit” list

    Nice to hear from you too, how you been?

  • You would definitely love the easy hikes in the French Riviera, Joe. Have you been?

  • Joe

    Love to visit that place, love the paths

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