See Entertaining Artwork at Every Corner of Main Street

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The Grand Junction may be a small town in Colorado, but it sure packs a punch when it comes to street art. On every corner of their Main Street is a work of art that the city government either has commissioned or are featuring (works of artists that have participated in the competition the town holds every year). Here we present some of the impressive ones.

Art on the Corner

"strength of the maker by Denny Haskew"

“Strength of the Maker” by Denny Haskew, part of art on the corner in Colorado”

"Chrome on the Range by Lou Wille, part of art on the corner in colorado"

“Chrome on the Range” by Lou Wille

"Mustang by Chuck Weaver part of art on the corner in Colorado"

“Mustang” by Chuck Weaver

"Freewheelin' by James Haire"

“Freewheelin'” by James Haire

"Ostrich by Dale Montagne at the Grand Junction in Colorado"

“Ostrich” by Dale Montagne

"Puffed Up Prince by Gary Price in the Grand Junction Colorado"

“Puffed Up Prince” by Gary Price

"Breakfast by Terry Burnett at the Grand Junction Colorado"

“Breakfast” by Terry Burnett

"Soaring Bird by John King in the Grand Junction Colorado"

“Soaring Bird by John King”

"On Top of the World by Terry Burnett at the Grand Junction in Colorado"

“On Top of the World” by Terry Burnett

"Social Climber by Gene Adcock in the Grand Junction in Colorado"

“Social Climber” by Gene Adcock

"Talvez Mañana by Pokey Park at the Grand Junction in Colorado"

“Talvez Mañana” by Pokey Park

We saw these a year and half  ago when we visited Colorado. There surely would be new works on display this year.

Have you picked your favourite already?

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27 comments to See Entertaining Artwork at Every Corner of Main Street

  • Raphael

    The ostrich shows a complete lack of talent……get that boy a Crayon.

  • Andrea

    I love the frog prince !

  • I haven’t been in Colorado in ages, and really only remember the slopes. These sculptures would make an interesting feature for a summer visit.

  • These are great…love the turtle!

  • Oh wow what a great city! Street art is so interesting, and instantly puts a smile on my face. The woman on the ladder is my favourite.

  • Seems to be rather popular, that one, Cathy. I rather liked the Chrome on the Range, myself.

  • I like the “social climber”. I guess I have to get back to Grand Junction CO. There wasn’t any of this street art when I was there — love it!

  • Lisa, that particular picture looks almost like it was painted, didn’t it? I like that too, very whimsical.

  • I love quirky sculptures like these – my favourite is the ant with the apple core!

  • These are incredible – I always love “street art” – especially when you come upon them randomly!

  • Wow, all of these are in one city? Very cool! The lady on the bike almost looks real. And I wonder how many people stop to pose for a kiss of the frog :)

  • Mary, you would love the Arches. And do get to the Grand Junction this time too.

  • We drove to Silverton, indeed. That driving holiday we had that saw us in Colorado is one of the best we had.

  • They sure are, Doc Wends. Thanks for dropping by. By the way, I lived in the Philippines for 2 years back in the 80s.

  • these are awesome installation art. I love the one on the road with the lady on bike and the bull as well as the ostrich. Inspiring indeed!

    Cheers from the Philippines :)

  • Cool and in a random small town. My mom actually lives a few hours drive south on Highway 550 in Silverton, Colorado! Did you go there?

  • These are wonderful street art! My favorites would have to be the social climber and street art. We’ve been trying to get to Grand Junction to see Arches NP so hopefully, this year.

  • I love street art, whether painting or sculptures, and there are so many here! I particularly like the woman with a ladder and the girl with a bike. Wonderful!

  • Great stuff…the one with the lady on the ladder made me laugh for some reason…

  • I love public art, it’s accessible and democratic and I believe enriches us all. These are whimsical and terrific, Michael. Thanks for sharing.

  • All those were in Grand Junction? Wow! I would love to run into these while visiting. That biker looked so real.

  • Fun! I love public sculptures, especially ones that are quirky.

  • I love when cities invest in art–it adds so much life to the place and makes the people happy. The colorful ones are especially nice, I think.

  • I’ve never thought much about Grand Junction before. . .but this makes me think it needs to be in the ‘future trip’ file. Great photos as usual.

  • Leigh, it was in the Main Street of the Grand Junction. It was already there in 2010 when we had our last driving holiday in the US. The artworks are on each corner, from the top to bottom of the Main Street. We had the impression then that it has been going on for at least 2 years already.

  • I like Freewheelin.
    Interesting post because I have been through Grand Junction I don’t know how many times (lots of soccer tournaments there)and I don’t remember the art. But it’s been 10 years so wonder if it’s been an addition since then or if I was just in a haze every time I went through the place.

  • Goody

    Stunning pics! I love the one of the the social climber! US is too big and packed with so many attractions and beauties that I can never decide where to go! For example I’ve never been to Colorado before, so I’ll add it into my bucket list for my next US road trip.

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