Midnight In Madrid

There can be no question about it:

Midnight in Madrid – Magnifique!

Edificio Metropolis

Some cities just are. When spotlights carve out individual buildings out of the darkness, leaving others in a haze of indirect light and shadows, we, the observers, lose some things (context, a certain degree of detail) and win others: mainly scale.

Plaza de la Independencia

Some cities simply benefit more from this trade-off than others,

Midnight In Madrid

Cercedilla Dreaming

"Part of the forest around El Escorial for Cercedellia dreaming near Madrid"

Cercedilla Dreaming All the leaves are brown…

… and the skies are grey.

I’ve been for a walk …

…. on a winter’s day.

Cercedilla Dreaming

Sniffing Out Easy Hiking In Madrid

"Street sign Calle de Madrid"

On a January week-end, we stayed in the capital city of Spain on the invitation of Spain’s leading budget airline, Vueling and online radio ScannerFM and their MyVuelingCity guides

. (Gracias, Vueling, y ScannerFM). Both urged us to rediscover the city on our own terms. And so we decided to search out a couple of possibilities for easy hiking in Madrid and its environs, nothing too long or too arduous,

Sniffing Out Easy Hiking In Madrid