D is the Gateway to the Ossola Valley

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D is for Domodossola

This week, we are off for a few days of hiking in the northern Italian Ossola Valley (near the Swiss border), but before we put on our boots for the more “serious stuff”, we went for a brief walk through the town of Domodossola, our base for the duration of our stay.

"Piazza Mercato - D for Domodossola"

In Italy, Domodossola is mainly known for two things: as a hub for northbound rail traffic (it is the first Italian town of note you will reach coming from Zurich, Geneva and Lyon) and as the stand-in for “D” in the national version of the phonetic alphabet.

The Italian equivalent of Alpha Bravo Charlie is entirely made up of names of towns and cities, so it is no mean feat for a town as small as this (Domodossola has roughly 20,000 inhabitants) to be included. It is also, as we found out, a source of considerable local pride – which can surprise you only if you never lived in a small town yourself.

But here is something else we found out: There is a great deal more that Domodossolans could and should be proud of. Their local landscape, for one – more of which soon – but also their charming little town itself which certainly merits a closer look. There is a lot to discover around the narrow lanes and wide piazzas of the old town centre. Here are some shots of what we found.

"an alley in Domodossola"

"a bar in Domodossola"

"D for Domodossola"

"D for Domodossola"

"old town of Domodossola"

"piazza in the old town of Domodossola"

"old house in Domodossola"

"Piazza Mercato on a rainy day - D for Domodossola"

We thank our sponsors, among which are the Regione Piemonte and the V.E.T.T.A. Project, for the chance to discover this very charming region in Italy. A special thanks to the Hotel Internazionale Domodossola for their kind hospitality.

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4 comments to D is the Gateway to the Ossola Valley

  • Glenn

    Nice article. Am staying in Stresa, so will catch a train up for a look!

  • Until this trip, I must confess I’ve not been to this part of Italy either. And yes, now I want to explore more of the area in future too.

  • Wow, such a beautiful region and town! I’ve hit up a little bit of Italy, though we really only stuck to the main tourist cities like Rome and Venice, and didn’t get the chance to explore the North, which I’m regretting a little now!! Though really, just means it’s about time for a second trip! Thanks for the inspiration!

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