Travel Outtakes 2015 – Pictures That Didn’t Make the Grade

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Pictures from our trips that failed to make the cut the first time around

This is one of the strangest facts about travelling: we travel to experience something different, and then we complain if things are not the way we know them to be at home. That they are … well, different. Different, that is, in all the wrong ways.

So we travel and are shocked to find out that Italians do not share our cultural sensitivities …

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 in Italy"

… or our love for animals.

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015"

“Collect them all” indeed!

We were also shocked to establish that Spaniards do not have our own unerring sense of fashion …

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 from Barcelona"

… while the French do not share our finely developed sense of politeness. Well, at least not those who work in the restauration trade. Actually, this culture of rudeness goes so deep that even the French coffee machines are spouting vile contempt for their customers:

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 from France"

“Vous degustez” – so I “disgust” you, eh? Well, you know what, Johnny Frenchman? You disgust me, too. Thank God there are other coffee machines in Europe.

Speaking about Europe – and disgusting habits, as it happens: What is it with the Germans and their lack of propriety? Nude beaches is one thing, I mean nobody is forced to visit one, but Kamasutra sculptures in a public park are quite another …

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 in Germany"

… although, admittedly, obscenity can also lie in the eye of the beholder, as it does with this hotel name …

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 in Germany"

… which is quite harmless, as you will establish if you look at it a second time.

The next picture is also from Germany. It proves once and for all that Catholicism is played by different rules in different countries of the world (just as I suspected in a recent post about roadside shrines).

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015"

But the Germans are not the only Europeans with irritating habits: What, please, is the root of the Mediterranean obsession with poopoos?

"Easy Hiker Travel Outtakes 2015 in the French Riviera"

Take the caganer: I mean we knew about these little figurines that you can spot going about their business in Catalan nativity scenes, but believe me: reading about them is one thing, looking at a shop with rows and rows of shitting figurines – modelled after all sorts of people from the Queen and Barack Obama to the Pope and the Barcelona football team – is a different matter. Vous degustez, as the French would say!


What else did we learn last year? We discovered the secret of business success, which appears to be the same all over the world, even in the sleepy mountain villages of southern France: adapt or die …

"Easy Hiker Outtakes 2015 in France"

(In case you failed to spot it: that’s a tattoo parlour there, right behind the traditional provencal pottery shop).

We also discovered the secret of many a free-standing sculpture …

"Easy Hiker Outtakes 2015 in Nice, France"

… and the secret of good food photography: which is patience, combined with an iron self-discipline, no matter how hungry you may be.

"Easy Hiker Outtakes 2015 in Italy"

And here is something else we learned: that if you don’t dare to cross a busy road, there is always an alternative …

"Easy Hiker Outtakes 2015 in France"

… just make sure you have your parachute with you.

Which is, of course, always a sound strategy if you are about to take part in an adventure, whether it is an “adventure for beginners” or something a bit further up the scale.

Let’s keep that in mind for 2016 and let that be our resolution for the New Year!

A happy & healthy New Year to all our readers!!!



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