Easy Hiking Is For All Seasons

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We’ve picked up the baton handed over by Vera Marie Badertscher for the Capture the Season of Booked.net with these photos.

The hikes we’ve undertaken all throughout the year will show you that easy hiking is for all seasons.


Our favourite season to go hiking, the autumn colours well displayed on the trees and on the ground. With most leaves already shed, the gentle autumn sun highlights the colours even more.

"You know that Easy hiking is for all seasons here in Foret Verriere hiking trail near Paris"



Our easy hike for winter was in Barcelona high up on the rocks of Montserrat. Admittedly, it was the tail end of this season and there were few portions (where the sun didn’t get to shine) of the trail that were still iced over.

"An iced hiking trail  shows that Easy hiking is for all seasons up in Montserrat Barcelona"



For some, spring is the time to search for flights to Tenerife. But for us, it is the return of the easy hiking season. On our first major hike of the year, which took us along the seven lakes of Schwerin, we saw these geese seen giving their young an accompanied “test drive” on the lake.

"A gaggle of geese on the lake in Schwerin Germany shows that Easy hiking is for all seasons "



We went hiking in the French Riviera at the tail-end of summer. It was still cruelly hot, but there were many opportunities to cool off, with a dip in the beach, for example.

"People by the beach seen from a hiking trail in Cannes"


Do you have a preferred season to go on an easy hiking adventure?

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