Easy Hiking In Slovenia

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Guest Post: Easy Hiking in Slovenia

"Todd Wassel"by Todd Wassel

Many of you may be wondering where Slovenia is. Others who know may be wondering how on earth you can have an easy hike in the Alps. To put your minds at ease, Slovenia is both easy to get to and easy to hike around. It’s a small country centrally located in Europe sandwiched between Italy, Croatia and Austria.

While there are plenty of hardcore adventure pursuits available in Slovenia, it is also one of the easiest places I’ve been to that allows such diversity of trail hiking.

The Slovenians love the outdoors and there seems to be a hike sprouting off into the woods every few meters.

I recently spent a week in Slovenia and made the Lake Bohinj area my base. Located just 1 ½ hours by car from the Ljubljana where you can hire cheap, but new cars, there really is not excuse not to go.

"Lake reflection seen when hiking In Slovenia on an easy hike"

I spent a week in Bohinj writing and easy hiking. As my main goal was to work on a book I’m writing (shameless promotion, see my bio) I had to make sure my hikes were easy, quick, but filled with enough beauty to satisfy the traveler in me.

After all, who could come to such a stunning country and only work? Amongst my favourite hikes was the trail that runs along the edge of Lake Bohijn.

To find the trailhead, drive to the end of the lake to the village of Ukanc and park your car near the camping ground (yup, you’ll be returning here). Start walking to the East following the road until you hit the lake andhiking path number 4.

This is where the 8 km hiking trail starts, but your amazement at the beauty of the area will have started much earlier.

"Church Saint John Bohinj seen when Hiking In Slovenia trail"

The path is flat, no ups or downs making it perfect for all ages and fitness levels. It is just one beautiful narrow dirt path right alongside the lake and in the surrounding forests.

Dramatic sheer mountains rise on your left and the smooth, peaceful lake Bohinj rests on your right, a constant companion throughout the hike.

"Easy Hiking In Slovenia trail"

Follow the path all the way to the town of Ribcev Laz the main touristy area. It’s not really a town at all, just a few buildings and one beautiful church from the 14th century, the Church of St. John the Baptist.

If it’s open (only Saturdays and Sundays in the off season) don’t forget to peek in and check out the original frescos and angels with sharp teeth.

"Angels with Sharp teeth in Slovenia"

If you’re still feeling energetic, you can continue your hike another 4 km back to your car along the other side of the lake. However, the path now follows the road and is not nearly as scenic.

Another option is to take the tourist boat that connects Ribcev Laz and Ukanc. It’s a nice 40 minute slow ride back and the guide gives you a nice summary of the mountains you just walked under and the lake itself. Turns out the lake is emptied and filled with new water every 3 years. Well, I was impressed.

Enjoy the easy hiking in Slovenia and hopefully I’ll see you on the trails.

Todd Wassel is a writer, blogger, and conflict resolution specialist. He’s been on the road for over 10 years now and  blogs about his travels and adventures at Todd’s Wanderings. Todd is working on his first book about walking the 900 mile Japanese Shikoku Pilgrimage, twice. Not an easy hike at all. He also writes about Hiking in Kosovo and welcomes anyone to get in touch. Connect with Todd at @toddwassel or Facebook.

5 comments to Easy Hiking In Slovenia

  • Scott

    Todd, I’m looking at Slovenia as a destination to enjoy some easy hiking, and some moderate hikes too, but need some advice on decent maps to use for planning, and taking with me. What do you recommend that shows the trails in Slovenia best?

  • It is awesome the beautiful scenery one can see on an easy hike.

  • Thanks for having me Michael. Kristy I agree that there is just something wonderful about Fall in Northern Hemisphere, whether it’s Europe or North America. Slovenia is certainly on my list to go back to :)

  • Thanks for this very interesting guest post, Todd. One happy thing about the opening of European borders is that we can now go out and explore the countries we ignored in the past. And we ignored them at our loss, really. From this piece, one can only imagine what “treasures” they hold for us hikers.

  • Kristy (vagabondkids)

    Looks amazing, I miss Fall and the leaves. While so much of Asia is old, Europe just has this “feel” about it. Slovenia is now on the list!

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