Fields of Dreams

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Hiking trails do not go through forests all the time. As a visual respite, we welcome scenic fields  from time to time, too. And during all our hikes, we have certainly seen quite a few dramatic field landscapes.

Our Hiking Fields of Dreams

"one of the fields of dreams Field in Auvers sur Oise that inspired van Gogh's Wheat Fields and Crows painting"

This is the field in Auvers sur Oise that has inspired van Gogh’s  painting Champ de Blé aux Corbeaux. Well, the wheat evidently went AWOL as did the crows on the day we passed by.

"one of the fields of dreams a field at the end of a steep path in the Crecy La Chapelle hiking trail"

After a steep uphill hike, a hiker would usually hope to have his efforts rewarded by a magnificent view from up on high. Not for us on our day hike in Crecy la Chapelle. This was what greeted us after that strenuous uphill walk.

"A field along the Etrechy hiking trail near Paris"

This field is in Etrechy, a town as rural as the deepest of France and it’s only an hour away from Paris.

"Vineyard on the grounds of the Chateau de St Germain en Laye Paris"

Fields of grapes: This one was in the St Germain en Laye castle grounds ….

"one of the fields of dreams A big vineyard in Germany"

…. and this one was in Germany, seen through a train window.

"An industrial ruin in Dortmund seen from a field"

An industrial ruin in Dortmund in the State of North Rhine Westphalia, the once pulsating heart of Germany’s economic miracle seen from a field nearby.

"A meadow on the hills of Eastbourne"

Strictly speaking not a field but a meadow on top of the hills of Eastbourne, but for us city bumpkins, it has the air of the rural.

"A field somewhere in the Rockies"

Contrary to what you may believe, this is not a field by the Alps. It’s somewhere in the Rockies.

This is our contribution to Nancie’s weekly Travel Photo Thursday. Check out other contributors on her site.


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