Five Colours of the Asphalt Forest

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Hiking landscapes can be other than gurgling streams, towering trees and breathtaking mountain views. You can have equally colourful and interesting experiences in the urban trail of the

Asphalt Forest 


The German town of Bruckhausen, once a city of the future, now very near the end of its tethers.

"A neglected street in Bruckhausen a sight in the asphalt forest of Germany"


 Urban architecture, as we know it today, was more or less invented in Genoa.

"A house made bright yellow by sunlight a pretty sight in the asphalt forest of Genoa"


The trail of white roses painted on Hildesheim’s streets leading to the town’s main attractions.

"A white rose painted on the cobblestoned street of Hildesheim"


Gaudi’s unique style has left its mark on much of Barcelona’s architecture, not only on its most famous church.  (Here, Parc Guell and its fairground atmosphere.)

"Parc Guell in Barcelona"


Montmartre, a haven for hikers and bikers.

"Bikes parked along the asphalt forest of a street of Montmartre Paris"

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