Food Glorious Food

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We really should start putting out posts about food because one of the many pleasures I get when we go hiking anywhere is the anticipation of trying a local delicacy. And I’ve tried some unforgettable ones.

Oh, Food Glorious Food

In Spain, we stumbled upon a local Madrilenian churreria away from the tourist scrum for a taste of authentic

"Ah, food glorious food. Churros y Chocolate in a churreria in Madrid"

Churros y chocolate


"Oh, food glorious food Jabuguitos and fried eggs in Madrid"

Jabuguitos and fried eggs for breakfast in Madrid 

(This one was a regular on the breakfast menu of the hotel we stayed in.)


"Ah food glorious food Seafood Tapas in Barcelona"

Seafood tapas in Barcelona


And from our Paris hikes, I still dream of the day I’ll have another one of these:

"Brioche Compiegnoise outside Paris"

Brioche Compiegnoise


"Assortment of meats to go with Beaujolais Nouveau"

Mouth-watering selection of meats

we had at a local butcher’s shop on a Beaujolais Nouveau week-end in Les Chevreuse, delectable on the picture as on the plate.

Now, Germany is a paradise, not only for easy hiking, but also for the variety of regional dishes that abound and that I want to try. Give me time and I’ll be able to try


Let’s start with my favourite, one I never fail to eat everytime I’m in the North Rhine Westphalian region. The best ones are freshly prepared in a food stand in the weekly town market of Muenster.

"Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer in Muenster Germany"

Reibekuchen or Kartoffelpuffer or Latkes

(Call it whatever you like, but I like mine with Apfelmus or apple compote.)


Here are some that we recently had during our stay in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in Schwerin, after our  hike along one of its seven lakes.

"Calf's meaty cheeks braised in red wine"

Calf cheeks braised in red wine

"Stuffed pork ribs with pickled red cabbage"

Stuffed pork rib with pickled red cabbage

The dessert pictured below is the most German of  desserts that I’ve encountered, made from day-old Schwarzbrot (dark bread) steeped in brandy, mixed with red cherries and topped with whipped cream. (That square concoction served with it is homemade German nougat).

"Mecklenburger Goetterspeise"

Mecklenburgische Götterspeise

There were many more dishes and desserts that we totally enjoyed during our trips (like that eel dish, served with a simple omelette and fried potatoes we had in Hamburg a few years ago). But we’ve not made photos of most of them, mainly because we felt silly and embarrassed  to stick out as tourist chumps.

Next time, we will and make sure to leave crumbs for your mouths to follow towards the hiking trails we’ve done.

Now  you know why I so look forward to our next hiking trip!

25 comments to Food Glorious Food

  • OK, this is a post definitely NOT to read in the evening as everything looks so good! It seems that your trips are not only about beautiful trails and lovely landscapes, but also about tasty dishes. A Yummy post if I may say so ;)

  • Your favorites look like they’d be our favorites as well! And I am glad to see I am not the only foodie fan/shutter bug combo. . .love your photos. Don’t know how many times Joel has reached for his fork, only to have me shout, “Wait! I want to take a photo of that!!!”

  • I’m a huge foodie…(no I don’t mean I’m literally huge…haha)
    Everything looks delicious! It’s a good thing you hike before of after some of these great dishes!

  • Debbie, the calf cheeks braised in red wine was not bad at all.

  • All that great food AND dessert is the pay off for a day spent walking! Wonderful treats you have here. I’m not sure what looked best. . . I’m a sucker for pork so I may vote for the stuffed pork.

  • Yum, indeed. Thanks for dropping by, Caroline.

  • Caroline Buchanan

    The food looks absolutely delicious, one of the best ways to explore a country is to sample the local cuisine. All I can say is YUM!

  • Marcia,I must confess that if not for Frau Easy Hiker’s dogged insistence to try the local food in every place we visit, I wouldn’t remember what I ate where. But I always enjoyed eating them, no question about that.

  • To try out local delicacy is always foremost in my wife’s mind wherever we go. Thanks for dropping by, Gaelyn.

  • I’d eat anything pictured, and the food photography looks good. No matter how one travels the local cuisine should be a major consideration.

  • Yep, they were very yummy, Mary.

  • Wow, you really should have put a warning on top of not browsing through these mouth watering pictures while hungry. Definitely worthy rewards after a hike or even a stroll. We could have lived on those Churros y chocolate in Spain =)

  • Such glorious food, Michael! Good food is way up there on the list of what makes a trip memorable. I still remember the food I had in Spain some 30 years ago!

  • That’s the difference between camping and hard core hiking – you are away far too long from creature comforts. Not with easy hiking!

  • Oh, man! Just the other day I was reminiscing about camping and hiking food in the US. Now I may never do that again. Thanks for ruining my childhood memories! ;)

  • Absolutely, Ted. You hit it just right on the head about easy hiking, that it will not bring you too far from the comforts you know.

  • One of the things I love about hiking is it whets the appetite for wonderful food. This is especially true if the hike takes you into the backcountry for several days where you have to eat instant food added with water. That first meal when you hit civilization is wonderful. This is the nice thing about easy hiking. You never have to leave civilization at least for too long.

  • Yep, you just have to go back for those churros. They were good, the ones we had.

  • Darn! This just reminded me of the one thing I forgot to eat in Spain…CHURROS!! I suppose I will just have to go back. Bummer ;)

  • You should do more hiking, Malou. Not only is it fun, it’s also a good calorie burner.

  • I eat more than I do hiking. A bit of walking to me means a plateful of fingergoodies. Happiness!

  • I love the reward of a good meal after a hard or even an easy hike. Your photos are mouthwatering.

  • I’m sure Marlys aka Frau Easy Hiker, would agree with you 100% on that, Andrea.

  • Food is the number one reason to travel in my opinion. ;)

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