The Saar Loop In Germany

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Hiking in Germany

The Saar Loop

Who says that everything in Germany is efficient?

"Saarschleife or the Saar Loop seen from Cloef hiking trail in Germany"


The river Saar definitely is not, ambling slowly through the idyllic valleys of the “Rhenish massif” and managing to make a 10 km detour out of the short 2 km as the crow flies trip from Besseringen (seen on the left of the picture, behind the bend) to Mettlach, seen on the right.


"Pleasure boat on the Saar Loop in Germany"


Efficient it may not be, but pretty it certainly is. The Cloef Belvedere near Mettlach, from where you get the best view of the so-called Saar Loop,  is one of the most visited tourist hot spots in southwestern Germany.


"winding Saar Loop seen from the Cloef hiking trail in Germany"


It is also the starting point of the Saar-Hunsrücksteig, Germany’s youngest Top Trail, an ideal way to explore via hiking this little known but very scenic part of the country.

This is certainly one scenic hike you should try to do and which will certainly not disappoint.

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