Water Water Everywhere

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Canals, Rivers and Lakes as Hiking Highlights

Water is our most important resource, the only one – apart from air – that we absolutely and unconditionally cannot do without.

We can survive for days, for weeks even without food, but if we do not drink, we die. No wonder that few idyllic landscape pictures, whether painted by grand masters or by four-year-olds, are, in that sense, dry.

The well-provisioned modern-day hiker, carrying at least two litres of fluids in his backpack, is in no existential need of spotting any water along his way, and even when running low would think twice before refilling his bottle with murky liquid from a questionable source such as a lake or a river.

Still, he has been sufficiently dispositioned by his evolutionary history to rejoice at the sight of canals, rivers and lakes – and to rate them as the highlights of any walk.

Here are some of the sights that evolutionary history has conditioned Mrs. Easy Hiker and myself to find beautiful.

 "One of the canals rivers and lakes we saw, this one by Crechy la Chapelle hiking trail near Paris"

A river by Crechy la Chapelle near Paris

"South Downs Way in Eastbourne, United Kingdom"

South Downs Way, Eastbourne UK

"One of the rivers and lakes we saw this one in Wismar, Germany"Along the trail in Wismar, Germany

"The Crouy sur Ourq one of the rivers and lakes we saw along a hiking trail near Paris"Crouy sur Ourq near Paris

"Swans by a lake in Schwerin, Germany"Swans by a lake in Schwerin, Germany

"Man trout fishing by the Piburgersee in Austria"Trout fishing on Lake Piburg, Austria

"Along the hiking trail around the Lake of Schwerin, Germany"Hiking around Lake Schwerin, Germany

"The Saar Loop in Germany"The Saar Loop in Germany

"A moated castle in Muensterland"A moated castle in Muensterland, Germany

"Along hiking trail in Borken, Germany"Along the hiking trail of Borken, Germany

What  bodies of water have impressed you in your hikes and travels?

20 comments to Water Water Everywhere

  • I love your water shots. I grew up in Halifax, which sits on the North Atlantic, so I am always drawn to water. It amazes me that I actually live in a city now that is nowhere close. I have to say I loved the Danube River when I was in Budapest a few weeks ago.

  • I have not been on the hike in years, but when I went to school up in the Virginia mountains the best hike around was to a waterfall called the Cascades. It was an easy hike along the forested river to the pool with the cascading waterfall. I really liked that walk. Easy and in touch with nature, and apropos to your post, also watery.

  • Glad you also enjoyed the South Downs, Joe. We’ll certainly go back there too.

  • Joe

    Thats what I love most about our beautiful surroundings apart from mountains and plants. Been along the coastal path in the South Downs last year, very impressive and good to stop by and look

  • Wow, the Saar Loop is stunning. The water in the river near Paris looks clean and refreshing, ready for refilling your water bottle.

  • Glad you liked it, Colorado Mom! Thanks for dropping by.

  • Oh boy, oh boy … new to your blog, and this post seriously ignited some wanderlust! What a fantastic site. Thoroughly enjoyed these pictures!

    I like coming across high altitude, crystal blue “hidden” lakes on our Rocky Mountain hikes here in Colorado. They are typically icy cold, but a refreshing break to soak your feet, if it’s a warm day. :)

    New fan & follower

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a similar or perhaps a better shot of that fisherman, Sophie.

  • Hey, I remember that fisherman by Piburgersee :)

  • Great photos of these picturesque bodies of water. I’d love to take that hike where you can see the Saar Loop. I’m visiting my in-laws right now in Northern Wisconsin and we take nice walks along Green Bay — quite an impressive body of water, I think.

  • Karen

    With all those picturesque bodies of water, as well as the fact that we cannot live without water, I wonder why some people won’t take care of it.

  • You are totally spot on, Mary. That’s another plus point for having a lake or river along the hiking trail.

  • This is a great collection of beautiful scenery. I love the Saar Loop and the moated castle ones. My kids love hiking near rivers a whole lot more – it gives them an excuse to do some stone skipping on the calm water.

  • Gorgeous pics, and you’re right…there’s something about being on the water…

  • Beautiful pictures! Would love to visit each of these areas. Why is it, the water is so serene and soothing to look at?

  • Jeremy Branham

    I have to admit that there is an appeal to hiking around water. Just makes scenery more beautiful.

  • I’ll drink to that, Ted!

  • It is about time someone wrote a post in honor of good old l’eau, agua, water.

  • Thanks, Leigh. Glad you liked it.

  • What a great series of shots -especially love the Saar loop shot.

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