Five Great Hiking Destinations For Kids

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Guest Post – Easy hikes in the UK


Cities are rubbish. They’re boring and grey and when your children try to play out in a street, they risk getting squashed and poor Mums get all panicky.

The industrial revolution may have heralded the mass movement of the population from the countryside to the cities but the Brits continue to have a romantic notion of the countryside, and quite rightly so.

"Glastonbury Tor one of the hiking destinations for kids in the UK"

It’s beautiful and kids get a different “playground”, with little car traffic about.

So, what are you waiting for? Get them out there. Get some fresh air. Let the kids scare the bejeezus out of some sheep or get them to some easy hiking destinations and show them a world that’s far more dramatic and awe inspiring than anything they can see on the Xbox or the telly.

Here are 5 great easy hiking destinations for kids:

5. Ilkley Moor, W. Yorkshire

About half an hour train ride from Leeds lies Ilkley Moor. There aren’t many places that are this dramatic and beautiful while still being pushchair accessible, and the ancient carved prehistoric rocks on the hillside will capture your kids imaginations. It’s ‘Propa rugged Yorkshire, flower’.

4. Blakeney Freshes, Norfolk

Sandwiched between Sheringham and Wells-Next-to-Sea on the Norfolk coast lies, to quote the local tourist board ‘one of the largest expanses of completely unspoilt Coastline in Norfolk’.

Interested in teaching your kids about wildlife? You would have to be pretty unlucky to come away without sighting rare birds and seals in the fresh marshes and dunes of this national treasure.

3. Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

For 5 days a year, Glastonbury is home to hippies and revelers for the internationally famous festival. For the other 360 days a year, a short hike up to Glastonbury Tor, with its medieval tower, would give you one hell of a view over the Somerset landscape.

Rumour has this as the realm of King Arthur and his Knights. It would be pretty hard for your imagination not to run away here, let alone your kids’.

2. Teggs Nose, Cheshire

In one sweeping view, you get Macclesfield Forest, the Telecom Tower and Tegg’s Nose Reservoir. It’s an easy trek that just gets better as you go, taking you past a dramatic old quarry and a farm.

1. The Roaches, Peak District

It includes caves with names like ‘The Mincer’, ‘The Crack of Gloom’, and ‘Death’s Knoll’. I mean, just how cool is that!? You couldn’t ask for a better place for you and the children to explore.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get hiking!

This guest post was written by Tara West and sponsored by Sykes Cottage Holidays UK who provide great holiday cottages across Great Britain.

4 comments to Five Great Hiking Destinations For Kids

  • I’m afraid we don’t, Dipak. You just need to find it in any old fashioned maps, I suppose.

  • Dipak

    Hi. Do you have GPX/waypoints for the hikes you list.

  • Jeremy Branham

    Will definitely have to keep this place in mind for the little ones when I head to the UK!

  • Natalia

    Wow, some great suggestions but starting out with ‘Cities are Rubbish’? Those same cities that have museums, galleries and often gorgeous parks? We love walking, and drag our kid along with us, but will also happily take him to a city to enjoy things. (And not all Mums are panicky, and some Dads get panicky too)

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