Hiking In Guatemala In Search Of Ancient Mayan Temples

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Guest Post: Hiking in Latin America

Marina Villatoro’s  favourite easy hiking trail will justify bringing out that Indiana Jones whip and certainly the hat. An easy hiking adventure for beginners.

Hiking in Guatemala

Tikal is the place for adventurous hiking in Guatemala. Its trails lead you through the jungle in your search for ancient Mayan temples.

It is one of the largest Mayan archaeological sites ever found and Guatemala’s first and most popular natural park and reserve.

It is filled with wildlife and hidden Mayan temples where you can see magnificent structures that have been uncovered. But half of them are still under the jungle. It is a great place to visit for travelers, especially for nature lovers.

"in search of inca treasures in hiking in guatemala trail"

Tikal trails are over ten kilometers snaking through all the hard to find spots where the Maya once actively lived, hunted and performed rituals.

"Go hiking in Guatemala a la Indiana Jones"

Tikal National Park is much more than just a Mayan Ceremonial ground. It is also one of the richest and one of the few primary rain forests that are still left in the Peten region of Guatemala.

Here, you will surely have many wildlife encounters as you stroll or hike deeper into the jungle. The trails are mainly flat with a few little hills thrown in, which are usually still-to-be-discovered ruins.

If you only have one day, and since it’s such a big place making it impossible to see and enjoy everything it has to offer, I recommend checking out these main sites:

The main plaza – where you will find the famous Grand Jaguar Temple – this is a two km. trail from the entrance.

The ball court – where Mayans used to play their ceremonial ball game.

Climb temple IV – the highest temple of the compound from where you get to see the whole place over the forest canopy.

If, however, you have more time, there is also the option of being taken deeper into the forest where you get the chance of seeing all of its beauties, waterfalls and cave systems that are still used by the Maya for their ancient ceremonies.

It’s hot here, really really hot! Come prepared. Bring plenty of water and a hat.

Does hiking in Guatamela appeal to the Indiana Jones in you?


Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America. You can get more fun info by following her on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook.

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