What’s New, Pussycat?

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Rebirth is in the air: early April* is the time of year when trees are blossoming, birds are looking for mates and bloggers are rethinking their blogging strategies.

This is what my own strategic rethinking process produced.

  • There are many ways in which blogs are unlike political parties, but there are also some points they have in common. Take the Republican party (or the British Tories), for example: they would no longer be the Republican (or Tory) party if they took over their rivals’ political programme, but if they stick to their own, they will forever be caught in their “minority ghetto”.
  • For a blogger, this translates as follows: You must retain what makes you distinctive while adapting to what your audience demands.
  • Make your regular readers happy while attracting as many people as possible who are not yet visiting your blog.
  • Do not be afraid of repeating the same point over and over again.
  • Short sentences.
  • Bullet-point everything.


"Mechanical elephant in Nantes"

  • Put in as many photos as possible, no matter how pointless they may appear.

With these guidelines in mind, I totally rethought our website and came up with the following new concept.


What’s new, Pussycat?

Encounters from the hiking trails of Europe

1. Cute

"one of the hiking kittens in Bourges"

2. Also cute.

"another one of the hiking kittens in Antibes"

3. Very cute.

"one of the napping hiking kittens in Antibes"

4. Aaaah …

"relaxing hiking kitten in Tende, France"

5. Purrrr … (that’s Monte Carlo behind me!)

"another of the hiking kittens this one in Roquebrune French Riviera"

6. Meow!

"a cat in a display window in Paris"

What do you think of this new direction for Easy Hiker?

 *April 1 is for Fools, remember?

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25 comments to What’s New, Pussycat?

  • Thanks, Marcia. Hope you had a nice one too.

  • This is adorable, Michael. I’m not big on cats but this is cute.
    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • Cute! I always take photos of cats and dogs that I come across while traveling too. :)

  • I like the new look and who wouldn’t like cute kitties? I love the one with Monte Carlo in the background – might as well have a good view. My husband is allergic to cats and most dogs so this would be my fill of cuteness. Maybe you should have a series on adorable animals you encounter along hikes :)

  • But we have to cater to the majority(not), Vera. Well, this would be the last time I’ll be mentioning cats, me being a dog person to start with.

  • Happy April Fool’s Day to you, too, Michael. But what about the people who dote on penguins? elephants? dinosauers? Unfortunately kitties and puppies don’t read, so I have trouble working them into A Traveler’s Library

  • Yes, Gray. I totally hit mother lode. Let’s go viral!

  • Hmmm good point, Steve. They do tend to wander where they want, cats being cats. As I’ve mentioned below, we’d probably have to put them on a leash and just pull them along, should they decide to go choose their own trail.

  • I’m impressed by the obvious amount of thought that you’ve put into this decision. Personally, I think it’s brilliant, but I am noticing that not many of the cats in the pictures look like they’re actually hiking. Will you be training them individually to hit the trails?

  • I vote for dogs not cats – though they are cute.

  • OMG, why didn’t I think of this? Everything goes better with cats. You could do interviews with the hiking cats…find out what they bring for gear, what their favorite trail mix is, and which hikes are ideal for bird-eating–er, watching. Your blog will go viral. Seriously, it’s a stroke of genius. :-)

  • Jeff Titelius

    I am still pining for my Hiker Haiku!! I don’t like cats… LOL. My for pour parrots wouldn’t either!! LOL Dont “stray” too far pussy cat!!

  • Glad that you agree with our change of direction, Deej.

  • No backpacks on kitties. But a leash is a must, otherwise, they’d wander too far and get lost, Lisa.

  • Cathy, no such thing as cuteness overload. We’ve got to think of more and more and more readers. Perhaps we’ll include dogs too.

  • How about adding “Hiking Dogs”, too? But all that cuteness might be too much for me on a regular basis. :)

  • I love it!! Kitties! Kitties! Kitties! Please don’t put a backpack on one. :)

  • Jeremy Branham

    I thought I was reading a post from Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads with all this cat love :)

  • Are you even cat people? (Maybe you are, since you have the photos…)

  • Sigh. . .I love cats – you’ve won me over with them. However, I’d be a loyal reader even without them. It does become an unhealthy obsession, that worrying about how to get new followers, keep longtime readers, provide interesting copy, dynamic photos. . .oh, the list could go on. I speak from experience as I suffer from – BTSS – (blogger traumatic stress syndrome, is what I’ve labeled it.)

  • Well, I mean, who doesn’t love pictures of cats? There’s a reason why some of the most watched videos on YouTube are of funny cats. Great strategy…wish I had thought of it!:)

  • Totally agree with you, Ariel.

  • Aren’t they cute,though? Happy 1st of April to you too, Maria, and thanks for dropping by.

  • As a cat owner I do welcome this new look and feel of EasyHiker!

    Happy first of April to you :)

  • Talking about the sights and sounds encountered during a hike adds color and makes the account more interesting.

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