Hiking Malta

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Guest Post: Hiking Malta

Guide to hiking Malta

Written by Jane Blackmore

The Maltese Islands are essentially small curious lands and fragments of rock that are strategically placed in the middle of the Mediterranean.  The largest island is Malta, and Malta has a diverse political history that is fascinating to explore, owing almost purely to its central location in the Mediterranean.

When visiting Malta make sure you read up on the dramatic history of this beautiful isle as the country will hold more appeal, and make sure you pack your walking boots because once you get away from the more urban towns and tourist zones of the island, you will discover there are some fabulous hikes to explore.

"The Popeye Village you will see when hiking Malta"

Photo by Robert Pittman

Beautiful countryside dominates the Maltese islands; village life is prevalent and the coast lines have hidden caves, stunning shore line, dramatic cliffs and hidden palaces. In Malta, car hire is easy, so when you arrive ensure you have secured a vehicle for yourself and plot a list of places you want to see and hike to, then jump in the car and away you go.

The best time to hike in Malta is October to May; the summer months get very humid and at times the heat can be oppressive and not favourable to walkers.  If you do want to get out on foot and explore in the summer months I would advise leaping out of bed as the cock crows and setting off early to beat the blazing sun.

Popular starting points for hikers include beaches such as Mellieha Bay, Anchor Bay, Golden Bay and Paradise Bay. These are rambling style hikes that won’t challenge the body too much and leave plenty of energy for sightseeing as you go.

Before you set off on a hike or a walk of any kind, make sure that you have packed a decent amount of water, sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.


"Go hiking in Malta in Gozo"

Photo by Kristine Riskær

If you are hiking through Malta it is worth taking a trip out to the neighbouring isle of Gozo. Gozo offers some breathtaking walks through tiny unspoilt villages which have not tasted urban modernisation.  Try Ta’ Gurdan walk, it is a four hour hike which will treat you to stunning vistas across the Isle, through a stunning valley enriched with wildlife and also introduces you to the famed Ta’ Pina Basilica.

Mafra walk

The Mafra Walk (duration: approx 5-6 hours) begins and finishes in Mellieha in Ghardia Bay. A pleasant amble, this route explores scenic coastline, allows you to stumble over some historic forts.  If the sun proves too overbearing you can stop en route for a dip in the ocean or complete your walk with a swim in Guardia Bay, one of the most popular beaches in Malta.

Upon your return to Mellieha make sure you visit one of the many bars and restaurants to sample local Maltese cuisines.  If you are feeling adventurous you may want to try the traditional speciality of ‘Maltese rabbit’, or if not stick with one of the more popular fish dishes.

Whatever your reason to visit Malta, make sure you see more than the beach.

Jane Blackmore is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who enjoys relaxing whilst the kids are having fun, ideally with a G&T in hand and a copy of the latest novel to hit the best seller list.

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