Hiking Trips To Remember

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Guest Post

by Chris Rowlands

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For those who love to go hiking, the good news is that there are plenty of great choices of places to go. In fact, there are some superb hiking locations in just about every corner of the globe. Your choice, of course, will ultimately depend on what you are looking for. Before you go anywhere, though, make sure to arrange travel insurance at MoneySupermaket.com.

Five Most Popular Hiking Trips to Remember

The Oregon Trail

"One of the hiking trips to remember in Oregon Trail: Photo by glennwilliamspdx @ flickr"

Oregon Trail: Photo by glennwilliamspdx

To get a sense of how the original American settlers battled towards independence, take the Oregon Trail that starts in Missouri and ends in Oregon City. This is the same trail that over 300,000 emigrants trod more than a century and a half ago while heading for a better life in the West.

Nowadays, the trail crosses some 2,170 miles and features over 125 fascinating historic sites. Take in the imposing volcanic Mount Hood or witness the might of the Columbia River and its waterfalls before making a visit to the Pioneer Woman’s Grave (Government Camp) and the replica of the infamous toll gate dating from 1846.

South-West Ireland

The historic past of south-west Ireland makes this region a favourite for many. This part of the country is where the legends and drama of old are most in evidence. Ancient abbeys and timeworn castles combine with intriguing country homes to provide a hiking trail that is hard to beat.

Head for the stunning cliffs of Dingle Peninsula or the Iron Age ruins that can be found on the Slea Head path to get the best of what this region offers. Alternatively, the velvet forests in Killarney National Park or the historic sites of Lough Leane’s Inisfallen Island – both filled with fascinating wildlife – will not disappoint either.

Quebec, Canada

"One of the hiking trips to remember : St Lawrence River Quebec: Photo by palestrina55 @ flickr"

St Lawrence River Quebec: Photo by palestrina55

With its many cultural and natural treasures, Canada’s Quebec City region is among the finest walking locations in the world. Just outside Québec City itself you’ll find some fantastic sites such as the Saguenay Fjord estuary, Saguenay National Park and the St. Lawrence River.

The Saguenay Fjord estuary is perhaps the highlight of this excellent hiking journey. However, the granite cliffs of the St. Lawrence River – itself lined by clusters of tiny villages – are not far behind in terms of landscapes and scenery.

North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is another region full of dramatic and beautiful landscapes, definitely one of the hiking trips to remember. The highlights include the hike across the Tongariro Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Tongariro Alpine crossing, or the richer experience that is the Tongariro Northern Circuit.

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Finally, experienced trekkers will insist that the best hikes are found in the mountainous landscapes of Nepal. The Annapurna circuit that includes the Annapurna massif – replete with numerous snow-capped peaks – is perhaps the most popular. Enjoy the lush sub-tropical scenery, mix with the Tibetan locals, relax in hot springs or visit stunning Buddhist temples during a hike you will never forget.


4 comments to Hiking Trips To Remember

  • I hiked the Annapurna Circuit trek last year and I will definitely never forget that experience. In fact, to make sure I never forget it, I think I’m probably going to go back and do it again.

  • I always love discovering new places to hike but admit to thinking of that part of Quebec in terms of a biking trip more than a hiking. No matter what I’d like to see the area. I also understand there is now a hiking trail for the entire length of New Zealand.

  • I’d love to hike in any of these places, but especially Southwest Ireland. We did a lot of driving around that area. So beautiful!

  • Daniel Meloy

    Ah, very cool hiking ideas! These look great, but they’re so far away from each other! It’s going to take a long time to be able to hit up all of these awesome places. But I’ve added them to my list, which means sooner or later I WILL do them! Thanks for the inspiration!

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