A Sad Note to a Sunny Hike

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In Memory of Angelique Dumetz

The day we chose to hike in Compiegne was perfectly sunny and hot as any summer day considering Autumn has already arrived.

We were jauntily reaching the end of the first half of the trail when we saw, alongside the trail, this “tomb” or what we took as one. It was actually just a marble tombstone leaning against a rectangular slab of quarry stone.

On it, we read that it was marking the spot where the body of  brutally murdered Angelique Dumetz was found in October of 1996.

It was a sad interlude in our otherwise pleasant hike


"Marble tombstone marking the spot where Angelique Dumetz 's body was found"

Angelique was just a teenager coming back from a girl friend’s birthday party when she was abducted and violated. Her killer or killers have never been identified and investigation to her murder has been terminated earlier this year.

However, in May this same year, a Portuguese man was identified through DNA as the possible rapist/killer of Angelique. His DNA was collected during an investigation of domestic violence he committed on his wife. But he committed suicide in March 2011, bringing with him the secret of his violent crime.

5 comments to A Sad Note to a Sunny Hike

  • Lorenzo Gonzalez

    A sad story indeed.

  • No, I’ve not been to Romania yet. But that’s interesting info about the grave markers. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Melody Smith

    Have you ever easy hiked in Romania? I love how the markers in graveyards express so much — humor, closeness, distance, sadness. Even the positioning of the markers can be significant regarding the relationships.

  • Most of the time, we see flowers, candles or small crosses on spots where people found an untimely end. But this one particularly stayed in our minds because the victim was named and of course we just had to google it to find out the background.

  • I bet this gave you a creepy kind of feel when you came upon it! It is sad but I found it interesting especially about finding the DNA evidence years later.

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