Joy of Walking

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"The joy of walking - La Defense in Paris seen from an easy hiking trail"

Always choose the joy of walking


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6 comments to Joy of Walking

  • Depends on what I alternatively could be riding, I suppose… :)

  • Always love a great walk and moved to our place in Calgary so we could walk everywhere. It’s a 25 minute walk to go downtown and we prefer to do that rather than take the car.

  • I see so much more when walking and it offers the opportunity to engage in conversation with others you may pass.

  • Amy Hume

    I am with you. I love to walk morning, noon, and even at night. I am fortunate to live across a pretty park with lots of pathways and paseos. Walking in the evening is therapeutic. A good way to unwind.

  • I just love going out for a walk. I have parks near where I live. There is the city and canals too. Walking is a great way of clearing my head.

  • Jeremy Branham

    There are days I love just going for a walk in the neighborhood. There is something about being outside the clears the mind and refreshes the spirit. I live in a great area for the outdoors but I also LOVE walking in big cities.

    As you can see from my recent post, walking in the rain isn’t bad either :)

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