All About Hiking And Holidays In My 7 Links

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Barely a year old and here I am already choosing my 7 links to highlight, in my case, all about…

… Hiking and Holidays

A friend and fellow blogger Catherine Sweeney was kind enough  to  nominate me along with 4 others to continue the relay of the My 7 Links project initiated by Tripbase.

Without further ado, here  are some of my links all about hiking and holidays:

"A German Huette or trail hut during a hiking and holiday in Germany"

My Most Popular Post – Accommodation Tips When Hiking in Germany

I’ve been amazed at the interest in the hiking posts I’ve so far written here, so it’s really hard to choose which is the most popular. There would be two in contention – the post about our hike in Versailles and the accommodation tips.

Given that Paris, being Paris, always attracts most attention anyway, I would then have to choose Accommodation Tips When Hiking in Germany because it is as popular even if slightly weighed down by its  “handicap”, i. e. it’s not about accommodation tips for Paris.

"Father and son discussing their hiking and holidays in Germany"My Most Beautiful Post – Father and Son Thing

What is  a “beautiful” blog post? One with pretty accompanying pictures? A good narrative? Well, my choice is Father and Son Thing because it’s a post I was most inspired to write, thus the narrative naturally  flowed.

My son, now 23, will not want to travel with his parents much longer, which is why I treasure the times the two of us went hiking together. It is during these hikes that I gathered the insights I shared in this post.

My Most Controversial Post – Why Holidays Matter

The subject of my blog being hiking, not many post would be controversial. Except perhaps when I went off tangent ever so slightly impounding on Why Holidays Matter .

My Most Helpful Post – Transport Tips When Hiking in Germany

I would like to think that those who follow my blog do so because they find hiking stuff here that are useful. But considering that there are many budget travellers out there and we want to promote train travel,  I would say Transport tips when hiking in Germany.

"Another vineyard seen from train on way to hiking and holidays in the Saarland Germany"A Post Whose Success Surprised Me – German Landscapes Through a Train Window

Among my hiking links, German Landscapes through a train window was the surprise success. Mrs Easy Hiker insisted on this post because she thought she got  some nice shots through the train window (5 out of about 40+ she took). And there I was mocking her efforts to snap the landscapes through a train window! (Calm down, dear, I’m halfway through my hat now.)

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved Hiking Chantilly in Paris

Am I allowed to be a bit sentimental? A post that I would like you to consider reading, if you’ve not done so yet, is about the last hike we made in the company of our now departed Blondy, aka @ParisChien narrated from his point of view, Hiking in Chantilly near Paris.

The Post That I Am Most Proud Of – Easy Hiking Adventure for Beginners

At the risk of sounding cocky, I can say I’m proud of all the posts I’ve written. But because I can only choose one, I would pick my very first piece, my manifesto, if you like, expounding on  why easy hiking is adventure for beginners.

I hope this has provided you with some useful reading on hiking and holidays.

You can get more interesting travel tips and leads from the five bloggers I chose to nominate to take the relay with their own 7 links.

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10 comments to All About Hiking And Holidays In My 7 Links

  • The great part about loving to hike is it keeps you in good shape. I am sure he will still want to hike with you when you are 64 (sounds like a song) and older. I think as young men get older they appreciate their old men more realizing more and more that they will not be around forever.

  • Ted, I try keeping myself in shape. I just hope that my son would still want to hike with me when I reach 70 (as your father has). But what I would really want is that my own son would introduce his own kids (assuming he would choose to have any) to hiking or any outdoor activities he would learn to like.

  • I agree the father and son piece was your most beautiful; however, if you keep yourself in shape you still have plenty of time to travel with your son. My dad is 73, and I am 40, and we are going fishing together in less than a month in beautiful Canada.

  • Jeremy Branham

    Great posts Michael! Always love reading your hiking posts. And naturally, loved the one about you and your son. I hope I feel the same when my sons get older! That’s probably my favorite post that you’ve done because I can relate to those feelings.

    As for your holidays post, I agree with you. When I go on vacation, I tend to go and am more active than I am at home. When I want to relax, I go to the woods and hike. I don’t care for the beach or all inclusive resorts. So count me as one who agrees with you on that one.

  • Great selection of posts! I want to get out and hike in Europe now. Luckily I’m lucky enough to be hiking across North America. Maybe Europe soon! Well done on your selections.

  • Being an Easy Hiker enthusiast, I read each of these when first published & enjoyed them all. Nice to get some more attention for “Hiking Chantilly in Paris” with Blondy — I’m going to give it a tweet right now!

  • Another format for the My 7 Links project. Love how each one has the stamp of the blogger who created it. Makes what could be VERY boring after a while,fun and interesting to discover. Great list!

  • Great list Michael. I hadn’t read your post on hiking in Chantilly until now. Very enjoyable and innovative. Sorry to know that Blondy is no longer with you.

  • Thanks, Vera. Appreciate the support.

  • Congratulations for your rapid advance in the world of blogging. Your picks of 7 best amply illustrates why your blog is so popular. Keep up the good work!

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