Nature’s Super Models In The Four Corners

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We went on a road trip in the USA, doing the Four Corners (AZ, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah). Along the way, we’ve been taking photos as we usually do on our holidays. Looking at the shots we’ve taken, we realised that no matter that we are total amateurs, there were some awesome pictures. Not really thanks to our talent, more because the scenes and the places we’ve visited were so heart-stoppingly beautiful. We could do no wrong in taking shots of these super models.

No matter how you shoot them, the results are great

Nature’s Super Models in the Four Corners

 "The Tepees in the Petrified Forest AZ, one of nature's super models"

"another one of nature's super models Sedona's red rocks one of our chose among nature's super models"

"The Mesas Canyonlands Utah"

The Mesas Canyonlands Utah

"one of the super models in the Arches Utah"

"Canyonlands Utah"

"Canyonlands Utah as one of nature's super models"

"The "Alps" in the Rockies - Colorado"


Wouldn’t you agree that these could truly be nature’s super models?

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