A Peep Show Machine And Video Games

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Where to Go in Germany

An Old Peep Show Machine

In the age before computers and video games, itinerant amusement parks in the  30s to the 50s were the place kids and adults could  have some fun.

At the end of our day hike on the Siebengebirge south of Bonn in Germany, we chanced upon these vintage games machine circa 30s and 50s . On offer was a mechanical fortune teller, a peep show into a “paradise of beautiful women” and a few “Road Racing” machines, the precursor of Grand Theft Autoor at least how it would look like if Sony or Sega games machines were never invented.

"With the peep show machine was a mechanical fortune teller"

"Vintage games machines among them a peep show machine"

Easy Hiker Jr, adept at Grand Theft Auto, tries his hand at the father of all road racing machines.

"Easy Hiker Jr on a mechanical driving test machine"

"A 1950s vintage amusement park test your driving skills machine in Germany"

But it’s a peep show machine for Easy Hiker

"Easy Hiker taking a peek through a 1950s amusement park peep show machine"

"What Easy Hiker saw in the 1950s peep show machine"

What Easy Hiker saw


What would you have gone for? Honestly now.


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