There are Pink Witches Everywhere in Harz

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Pink Witches!

"some pink witches dolls in tourist shops in Goslar in the Harz region of Germany"

"One of the pink witches dolls in a shop in Goslar"

We were recently in the Harz region of Germany where we went hiking in the trail called Hexenstieg. The tale is told that that pink witches congregated annually at the Brocken peak.

This, the locals find, is enough justification for them to have witches’s figurines, dolls and more general knickknacks in front of bakeries, dangling from the ceiling of hairdressers’ boutiques and in each and every souvenir shop (that seem to sell about a million of them.)

Yet, I’ve always thought a witch took to flying with her broomstick over the forest, rather than schlep on a hike up to the highest peak of the Harz region.

3 comments to There are Pink Witches Everywhere in Harz

  • That sounds interesting, Jennifer. I have been to Iceland quite a while ago, but unfortunately, not for hiking.

  • That’s really interesting! Here in Italy a witch called La Befana brings children candy and treats for the Epiphany.

    Have you done any hiking in Iceland? They believe trolls are everywhere and there are little troll houses in the rocks randomly.

  • Oh, I want to go here!! It looks like so much fun. Hiking with witches for next Halloween—wouldn’t that be fun??

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