Sad Memories and Relics Of Two World Wars

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Day Trip from Paris

Memories of Two World Wars

The highlight of our day hike in Compiegne was the visit to the Musee de l’Armistice to view some of the relics of two world wars.

End of the Compiegne hiking trail and entrance to the Musee de l'Armistice with its relics of two world wars near Paris

Aside from the monument erected to honour the war dead, we saw relics of two world wars that were on display too.

"Marechal Foch's Tent one of the relics of two world wars in the Compiegne Musee de l'Armistice"

Marechal Foch’s Tent

"armoured vehicle used in WWI, a precursor of what we now know today as Tanks"

Replica of an armoured vehicle used in WWI, precursor of today’s tanks

"The front of the replica of the train wagon where two peace treaties were signed between France and Germany"

Looking into the wagon of the replica train where the two treaties were signed.

"A French newspaper front page clipping headlining the signing of the Peace Treaty in 1919 between France and Germany"

French newspaper clipping headlining signing of the Peace Treaty in 1919


Read what Hitler did in Compiegne.


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