Seaside Hiking In Eastbourne

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Anyone for Seaside Hiking?

There’s a reason why real estate is most expensive in seaside towns. Who doesn’t love to have the beach a few bounds away from one’s front door? And, of course, for seaside hiking.

"Eastbourne pier seen from our seaside hiking near London"

"Seaside easy hiking near London in Eastbourne"

Short of living there, most people love to take their summer holidays in seaside towns or at least spend a day or two there while holidaying in nearby cities.

"Foldable chairs to use by the seaside in Eastbourne"

During a week-long break in London, we decided seaside hiking would be great.  So, off we went to Eastbourne and sought out the South Downs Way.

"Hiking in South Downs Way Eastbourne"

"Cliffside seaside hiking in Eastbourne"

"Easy hiking by the seaside in South Downs Way Eastbourne"

"Old lighthouse in Eastbourne"

"A cross by the seaside hiking trail in South Downs Way Eastbourne"

And now, this hike is one of our top favourites.


See a video of our seaside hiking in South Downs Way in Eastbourne.


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2 comments to Seaside Hiking In Eastbourne

  • Leigh, that was my first coastal hike and certainly loved it that I followed it up with a 2-3 day hike with my son in Ile St Mandrier near Toulon. Our next project would be easy hikes near London so yes the southwest would be a destination awaiting us.

  • That does look like lovely – and easy hiking.
    Last year I ran into a couple hiking from Land’s End to John O’Groats & they said their favourite part of the entire hike was the coastal trail in the southwest of England. Have you done any of that trail?

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