SPRING in Utrecht

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It’s SPRING in Utrecht

Before we get to the serious business of walking in Holland (there will be three easy hikes in the days to come), first, an urgent note about something that we have come across on our recent trip to the Netherlands. Urgent because, unlike the walks, it will not be there for long. Actually, you have to really hurry up in order to catch any of the productions at the first SPRING in Utrecht, a festival for the performing arts, because the event will close next Sunday.

"SPRING in Utrecht"

Performances – featuring anything from vibrating tabletops to Chinese cooking lessons as well as more “orthodox” presentations by theatre and dance companies from all over Europe – are staged throughout the city, although most of the action takes place in the town’s two theatres.

"SPRING in Utrecht theater Kikker"

I know some people think that “this sort of stuff” is not for them. These people are wrong. Art is for everybody, and to understand most of it, all you need is an open mind. It does not matter what it is that you are watching: it may be something by Shakespeare, by Beckett or by a dance troupe from Uzbekistan.

If you go there thinking “this will go over my head”, you are indeed unlikely to find much delight in the performances – featuring anything from vibrating tabletops to Chinese cooking lessons as well as more “orthodox” presentations by theatre and dance companies from all over Europe –  such as the Greek theatre group Blitz.

"SPRING in Utrecht with the Greek group Blitz"

If, on the other hand, you are willing to meet the work on its own terms, you will be surprised how much joy it can bring you. Try it!

"SPRING in Utrecht with a caged model"

But if you can’t make it until this Sunday, there is always next year: SPRING in Utrecht is determined to become a fixture on the international calendar of festivals for the performing arts.

Utrecht – too much fun for one day!

We are grateful to have been able to experience SPRING as guests of the Utrecht Tourism Board in connection with the TBU Conference in Rotterdam. 


9 comments to SPRING in Utrecht

  • I’m glad you got to experience a bit of Utrecht. It’s a city rich with culture and festivals and history. The SPRING festival is a reworking of the former Festival aan de Werf, which always had a fascinating mix of events and performances throughout the city. The “box” in the last photo had a changing theme/person each day.

    Utrecht also has (almost) monthly Cultural Sunday events with changing themes. Once again, a variety of art and culture events in multiple locations throughout the city, and usually free. Utrecht really is worth a visit at any time of year.

  • To each his own interpretation and enjoyment of art, Steve.

  • I’m constantly surprised at how much I get out of art that I wouldn’t expect. I’m not really a deep thinking guy when it comes to these sorts of things, but I usually find that if I give it a try, something always strikes a nerve in me somewhere. Utrecht looks like it would be a really great place to spend some time during the festival. I’m guessing it’s a name we’ll be hearing more about.

  • Our group was divided about whether it was a “woman”, Edith. It was part of the Arts Festival. You can call it that, I suppose. Thanks for dropping by.

  • It was a “wow” moment for us too, when we saw THAT exhibit. It took a wee while to sink in that it was part of the Arts Festival.

  • Wow! That woman pantomime looks a little bit weird on the last picture, is it some kind of neo-expressionism?

  • That last picture alone is worth a visit to experience the performing arts in Utrecht. I don’t think they were too happy with you taking the picture :) You’re so right that you have to keep an open mind with the arts. Looks like a great place to spend a Spring weekend. Looking forward to your Holland walks.

  • Absolutely, Angela. There are so many things to see and enjoy in Utrecht. It’s very much under-rated, unjustifiably so. Thanks for dropping by.

  • When it’s about fun, I don’t know the phrase “too much”, so I think Utrecht might be the right place for me:)

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