Spring Is In The Air

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Spring is not the best time of the year for hiking: Autumn is – thanks to its drier, warmer and less unpredictable weather.

Spring, however, has two major advantages: for one, unlike autumn, it follows something unpleasant (winter), and in the light of this immediate comparison, looks and feels much better than it probably deserves.

For another, nature is getting ready for its yearly round of renewal, and as long as human beings are biased in favour of life rather than death, spring will have a better press than autumn.

Spring is in the air when green shoots are everywhere, the flowers are budding, while the birds, the bees and all the other form of wildlife are doing what birds, bees and other forms of wildlife are supposed to do at this time of year.

Now, if we were “hard” hikers, trekkers in the wilderness or anything of that sort, we would show you pictures of breeding lions to illustrate this point, of bear cubs or, at the very least, some rarely seen wild birds.

But since we are “easy” hikers, a young family of ducks will have to do.

"Mama and Papa duck spring is in the air and time to teach baby ducks to swim on a lake"

Mama and Papa Duck bringing Baby Ducks for their first swim on the lake

"Baby Ducks chaperoned by Mama and Papa Duck because spring is in the air for them"

Baby Ducks and chaperons

"Fall in line behind Mama Duck, kids"

Fall in line behind Mama, Duckies!

"Papa Duck throwing a warning glance at the photographer"

Papa Duck throws a menacing glance at the peeping photographer

Our submission for the Spring-themed blog carnival at Traveling with Sweeney. Get on there and see other contributions.

12 comments to Spring Is In The Air

  • I call it easy hiking (as opposed to hard core hiking where you have to carry your mini kitchen and mini bedroom on your back). The English call it walking too (but not in the sense of walking to your nearest neighbourhood shop.)

  • I love the idea of being an Easy Hiker! I just realized that’s what I am as well. Although…sometimes I think I should just call it walking! :)
    I, too love autumn, the smells and colors, but you are right, the contrast from winter to spring is wonderful too. It’s a toss up as my 2 favorite seasons.

  • I love spring too, Leigh, mainly because it’s announcing the arrival of summer. But for hiking, I prefer autumn.

  • I’m loving spring – especially since the blossoms are fully out. It’s become my favourite time of the year, even with the rain. Very cute photos of ducks.

  • I just love Springtime when all the new families of various wildlife come out to play! Nice pictures.

  • Jeremy Branham

    I am a huge fan of Fall. However, I have a greater appreciation for Spring now. Lots of colors, waterfalls, and even the wildlife are enjoying things.

    I wouldn’t get too close to those ducks though! :)

  • As I remember, you also like snow hiking.

  • I used to think winter was unpleasant until I became an avid skier. Now I sometimes think the rest of the year is unpleasant.

  • We thought as much about these geese being violent. That last pic was certainly the last one we took as he really looked like he was about to attack next.

  • What a great description of the advantages of spring and cute photos. The pix are much preferable to the real thing as breeding greylag geese around here are violently aggressive.

  • Haha, we kept taking pics anyway.

  • Jools

    Ha,cute, and what happened after the menacing glance? ;)

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