Through Tecklenburg On An Easy Hike

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.. the prettiest town along the Hermannshoehen hiking trail near the top of the trail, east of its starting point at Rheine.

The Hermannshoehen hiking trail in Northwest Germany is, in many ways, a good learning trail for first-time hikers: it is not very demanding (most of it is in the flat), there is nearly always a village near-by (with access to the public transport network) where you can break off your hike and return to “civilization”, and there are quite a few major sights and points of interest scattered along the way.

One of these is the small town of Tecklenburg

"Medieval Theatre entrance in Tecklenburg on the Hermannshoehen hiking trail Germany"

"Well preserved medieval houses in Tecklenburg Germany"

Its late medieval town centre has a concentration of well preserved period buildings which is rare for Northern Germany.

"Medieval buildings in Tecklenburg Germany"

"Hexenpfad in Tecklenburg Germany"
When in North Rhine-Westphalia, take time to visit Tecklenburg where you can also enjoy its little cafes and restaurants. And don’t just walk through Tecklenburg.Take some time to explore it and perhaps do an easy hike.

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