Finding The Ideal Outdoor Shoes

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My Ideal Outdoor Shoes

Price comparison sites are all the rage. They allow you to compare different providers of gas and electricity and different offers of cheap car insurance, different airlines and different types of meerkats. Some even extend the range of their offerings to sportswear. 

I did not know this either until Idealo contacted us and asked us whether we were interested in the goods listed on their price comparison UK site. Well, we did not hesitate for long – because I at least knew exactly what I wanted: a new pair of hiking boots.

Can a gentleman ever have enough hiking boots? The answer is clearly yes, but I simply have not reached that point yet. Other men have a bride in every port – me, I have a pair of hiking boots.

"my ideal outdoor shoes in every port"

A pair of hiking boots in every port

But wait, I can explain. Mrs. Easy Hiker and I, after all, do not spend all of our hiking holidays in the great outdoors: we like to round off our days with meals in nice restaurants, and occasionally Mrs. Easy Hiker even manages to schlep me into an art gallery or some such place of high culture.

In surroundings such as these, wearing hiking boots of the conventional sort always makes me feel as if I was some country bumpkin who has strayed into a genteel gathering way above his station. (Probably true, but there you go.) Which is why I have long been looking for something a little, well, if not exactly elegant, at least a little less rustic. “All-purpose” is probably the word.

Our recent trip to the  Mecklenburger Seenplatte provided the ideal opportunity for putting our new shoes (since you ask: we both went for the Timberland Nubucks) to the test: while a walk around Lake Schwerin features all different sorts of terrain – forest, swampy grounds and even a sandy beach – the city of Schwerin has a Cathedral as well as plenty of museums and places for fine dining, subjecting your footwear to a totally different type of challenge.

"Timberland hiking boots ideal outdoor shoes and not normal trainers"

Timberland hiking boots vs normal trainers

I am glad to say that our new shoes passed both stages of the test with high marks. Mrs. Easy Hiker and I agreed (a rare event): We made the right choice.

And choice is what offers!

Let’s say you are, like us, interested in finding the ideal outdoor shoes, Idealo allow you to filter your results by brand, product type, price range – or to combine any criteria in an “advanced search” option. They certainly make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Once you have found the product you want, you can specify different colours and sort your search results by price (incl. delivery).

A “Price Trend” option is available for each product – which means that, by clicking on the so-called “trend graph”, you can sign up for Idealo’s price watcher service which will alert you by email when the price reaches your ideal amount.

Not only do they make it easy for you to find what you are looking for – they also deliver it for a price you are willing to pay. (And you’d be surprised at the wide gaps in prices charged by the different providers. Go to the website just for fun – and for a chuckle at the sheer nerve of some.)

What more can you ask for? I only came across Idealo because they offered to sponsor us.

But if ever I am looking for gear to buy, this is where I would start. Honestly, folks.

So, for cheap flight or cheap car insurance, you can go anywhere you like. But for cheapest offers in outdoor gear, you could do worse than try out

As Aleksandr from the village of Meerkovo would very nearly say: it is not that hard, actually.

How do you find your ideal outdoor shoes?

11 comments to Finding The Ideal Outdoor Shoes

  • We’ve reported what we’ve experienced with this price comparison site as objectively as we could. If you’ve had unpleasant experiences with this particular site, you are most welcome to share it with me and I’ll pass on the information to the company directly. As to your girlfriend’s Timberlands, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve been using mine from day one in several of my easy hikes and they’re still tip-top. Perhaps your girlfriend should have gone back to where she got them to ensure that what they sold her were genuine Timberlands.

  • well

    a little biased if theyre your sponsor arent you? there are certainly dozens of other websites just like that. timberlands are terrible for hiking by the way. my girlfriend had them and they fell apart after a month of hiking

  • Anna

    That one looks pretty cool, I have been searching for the right boots for a couple of months when I found a Columbia boot, it’s really comfortable and weather-proof, I’ve got it for a couple of weeks and I have got all the best experiences with them.

  • Yes, I know what you mean, Ted. They are rather too “nice looking” for hiking. But my feet loved them on the trail, albeit an easy trail.

  • Laura

    Hi Michael, I love this hiking boots! Wish I could have this kind of hiking boots now, its summer time in my place and it is nice to go on hiking! Thanks for sharing the information about this Timberlands boots..

  • I am actually about to post a footwear post in the near future, so funny to read this now. Great thing about Timberland boots is they can be worn hiking and in regular outings. My problem with them is they are so nice looking that sometimes I do not want to hike with them on the trail and get them scraped up and dirty.

  • Yeah, I’m getting to like these price-comparison sites too, Debbie.

  • I didn’t get blisters in my new Timberlands and I only had 1 pair of thick socks on, Jeremy.

  • I can sense your glee at having your new boots! I love one stop shopping :)

  • Jeremy Branham

    For good shoes, I love Merrell. However, my big hiking boots are Asolo. They’ve worked pretty well but I’ve realized that regardless of the boot, I need at least two pair of socks!

    I’ve never tried Timberland so may check them out for my next pair.

  • I need some new light weight hiking boots – too bad they weren’t a little closer.

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