The Pennine Way

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Easy hiking in the UK

The Pennine Way in Derbyshire

It was in Derbyshire where we discovered the delights of easy hiking. Which is why when Joe O’Neill, a regular reader of this blog, told us about his recent hike in the Pennines, not far from Manchester, we asked him to share  some of his photos.

These pictures were taken in Crowden, where he attempted to hike the toughest part of the Pennine Way, the southern part. He was amazed, he said, not only of the landscape but of some evidence of English engineering from the reservoirs he saw along the trail.

"The Torside Reservoir in the Pennine Way in Derbyshire UK"

The Torside Reservoir – photo by Joe O’neill

"Hilly meadow in the Pennine Way in Derbyshire"

"Along Crowden in the Pennine Way in Derbyshire"

Photo by Joe O’neill

"Crowden along the Pennine Way in Derbyshire"

Photo by Joe O’Neill

Joe O'Neill About the contributor:
Joe O’Neill is an amateur hiker who also loves travelling and trying out new cuisine.

10 comments to The Pennine Way

  • That reservoir shot is quite amazing. Must be a great walking area from what I see here.

  • Calogero

    I was tweeting about the Pennine Way some weeks ago, but I don’t remember anything about it. And… now this post with excellent photos! Very good!

  • Jeremy Branham

    What a beautiful hike! This is what I think of when I think hiking in the English countryside. The landscape and that reservoir are amazing!

  • Gabi

    I have been there a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, we didn’t have a comfortable weather like you did, my photos are all cloudy and foggy and grey, although I could sense the spirit of that wonderful country.

  • Brian

    I would be very happy if I get to see that majestic view of the reservoir for myself. I have never thought that a design like that is possible.

  • Love all those photos – but especially the reservoir. My daughter is off to hike the south west coast trail in England in a few days so am hoping to hear great things about that hike.

  • Incredible photos and the Torside Reservoir – what English engineering! I have never seen anything like this outside of fountain displays! Incredible!

  • Tip taken, Steve. Will certainly do this hike when I’m next in the UK.

  • The Pennine Way is certainly a must-do for those who enjoy their hiking. It is on my to-do list.

  • Wow! That reservoir picture is mind-blowing! Looks like a gorgeous hike!

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