The Women Of The Lake

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What to See in Germany

This is somewhat of a scoop. Perhaps this is the first time you will have read about this (in English anyway) and seen pictures of it. You’ve seen it first in Easy Hiker!

The Women of the Lake in Schwerin 

"Women of the Lake statues hewn from a tree trunk in Lake OstorfSchwerin Germany"

This was another pleasant discovery we made during our hike around Schwerin, along the last lake we passed by, Ostorfer Ufer, before heading back to our hotel.

"Statues of women of the lake hewn from tree trunks in Schwerin Germany"

The story goes that three trees had to be felled for whatever reason (danger to the public?) and rather than just felling them and leaving it at that, two local associations campaigned for an alternative action: turn the stumps into statues. The commission was given to a local artist named Nando Kallweit.

"Statues of women hewn from tree trunks in Lake Ostorf Schwerin Germany

The Women of the Lake

An admirer of the statues aptly named it Frauenherrschaft. Translation?

Women Rule!

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