To Market to Market in Seville

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To Market in Seville

Tell me how you shop and I tell you who you are.

If you come from a country north of the Great Cultural Shopping Divide (i.e. a country where most shopping is done in supermarkets), you have probably felt the urge to experience a “native” street market on a visit to a Latin country.

For some, this can become an obsession. I have met Americans who had come to Paris simply to visit as many street and farmers markets as they could possibly fit into a week-long stay. (If it’s Wednesday, it must be the Marche d’Aligre.)

While many would probably find that a trifle excessive, markets unquestionably do reveal something about the town and the town’s inhabitants that would be difficult to uncover in any other way.

A Market in Seville

Which is why, on our recent trip to Seville, we took a little detour on our walk through the Old Town to go to Calle Feria to go to market in Seville in its oldest indoor market, Mercado de Feria(following a tip from @scannerFM).

"Inside the Mercado de Feria to go to market in Seville"

Sevillanos have been shopping here for hundreds of years. It’s a fun place, bustling, busy and colourful …

"Fruit stalls inside the Mercado de Feria to go to market in Seville"

… and the Cantina inside the building is an extremely popular place for foodies who come to market.

"The Cantina in the Mercado de Feria to go to market in Seville"

Unfortunately, we arrived at the Mercado de Feria on a full stomach, having been unable to resist the temptations of another market we had passed on the way, a “Roman fair” on Alameda Square taking place on the week-end we were there.

"A whole roast pig on a spit in a food fair in Seville"

The attitude of the Spanish to the food they consume, I believe, can be best described as “refreshingly unsqueamish”.

"Grilled sausages, meats and a roasted suckling pig in a food fair in Seville"

It’s not that people who live north of the Great Food Culture Divide do not eat dead animals. It’s just that they would rather not know.

Tell me how you eat and I tell you where you stand on that.


We also went walking in Seville and discovered a different Christmas Market.


Our week-end break in Seville was part of the MyVuelingCity Game. We thank Vueling for giving us the opportunity to savour the famous tapas and other local delicacies of this Andalucian city.

9 comments to To Market to Market in Seville

  • Anita

    Really nice shots! Although I’m not sure if I would taste those ‘delicious’ pieces of meat…

  • Too bad you were full from the other place.
    I guess it depends. I’ll eat any fish, except catfish, with the head on. In fact, I want the head on, and a whole pig doesn’t bother me. But the first time I saw a whole rabbit on a spit, I felt squeamish — and I’d had rabbit before. Go figure!

  • hahaha, she knows what tastes good.

  • I’m definitely north of the divide. Strangely, though, my 11-year-old daughter looks at a lamb and says nom nom!

  • Jeremy Branham

    While I love markets, I did a little shopping at El Corte Ingles in Sevilla. I know that’s probably a bit more American but it was fun shopping with other Spanish people who were there (there weren’t any tourists in there). Got a lot of great food for a picnic. Markets are my choice for fresh food but that was a fun experience in Sevilla.

  • I used to find it weird that my foreign friends don’t like to eat fish if the head is still attached. I guess they must be in the “rather not know” camp.

  • We are the ‘supermarket’ set during our time at home; ‘farmer’s markets/street markets’ are a novelty of summer months. However, we adore shopping at these open air, street, local markets when we travel!

  • Hahaha, so am I, Steve.

  • I’m solidly in the “rather not know” camp. When I think about pork or ribs, my mouth waters. When I look at the pig on a spit, not so much.

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