Top Easy Hiker Tips Through the Years

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Since 2010, we’ve been sharing with you, easy hikers of the world, tips on where to find trails wherever your holidays bring you. We’ve walked and hiked trails in Paris, Barcelona, the French Riviera (among the many), and of course, in the land of hikers, Germany. Here are some of the top easy hiker tips that proved to be your favourites:

1. Menton is the prettiest town

Take a short walk through the prettiest town in France, topped off by a visit to one of the world’s most famous gardens, with splendid views over the Mediterranean Sea throughout. How can that not tempt you?

"Menton - the first in the top easy hiker tips"

2.Black Forest Westweg

The Black Forest is the most famous of all German Mittelgebirge, the country’s sub-Alpine mountain ranges. It is certainly the largest such range (with 12,000 square km/4,600 square miles) and the highest. The Westweg happens to be the main hiking trail of the Black Forest that leads you down its spine. Here, we took Stages 3 and 4 of the long trail.

"Top easy hiker tips include hikes in the Black Forest"

3. Eze hiker

Eze Hill may not be the Nanga Parbat, but neither is it an afternoon stroll in the park. Eze it might be but it’s a not-so-easy hike. They say the walk to Eze Village will take 90 minutes, but we found this a trifle generous. We did it in less. But that hasn’t stopped Mrs. Easy Hiker from accusing me of wanting to torture her.

"top easy hiker tips in the French Riviera"

4. Montserrat Rocks

Heed this advice: if ever you are in Barcelona for more than a day or two, do not miss out on the Benedictine abbey of Montserrat on the foot of the Pyrenees. You would love it. Guaranteed!

"top easy hiker tips in Barcelona"

5. One lap around Monte Carlo

If you are great fan of Formula 1 Grand Prix, this is for you. You can follow the tyremarks of F1 legends on the world’s sost famous racing track. Take one lap!

"top easy hiker tips around Monte Carlo"

6. Rheinsteig hiking trail

We are easy hikers, right? So,  we chose not to hike the very, very long 23 stages trail (320 km) from Bonn in the north (near Cologne) to Wiesbaden in the south (near Frankfurt). Instead, we strongly recommended to you to concentrate on the views-and-castles-galore central stretch between Koblenz and Rüdesheim on stages 12 to 19.

"top easy hiker tips in Germany"

7. Rocks of Fontainebleau

Mrs. Easy Hiker just sung the praises of hiking in the Ile de France, thanking the Hiking Gods for making all local trails so conveniently flat, when we went on a steep rise and found ourselves climbing up and down the rocks of Fontainebleau for the rest of the day in search of the “Forest Fairies”.

"top easy hiker tips near Paris"

8. Black Forest for beginners

It doesn’t  always have to be a hike of several hours or even several days. The Black Forest also has trails like this for those who want to dip their toes into hiking for the first time. The hike around Lake Titi is one that can awaken the love for hiking in anyone.

"top easy hiker tips for Black Forest beginners"

9. Easy hikes in and near Paris

Through the years, we’ve noticed that anything that has to do with Paris is a sure winner. And the hikes and walks we’ve done and written about for you in France’s capital city and its surrounding areas have proven that time and again. Within the city, we’ve come up with several Themed Walks and in the surrounding suburbs and towns, we’ve sniffed out interesting hikes like the one we did in Etrechy, which would give you a foretaste of rural France less than hour away from the City of Lights.

"top easy hiker tips in the City of Lights"

"top easy hiker tips near Paris"

What is your personal favourite from our top easy hiker tips?

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  • Too bad you didn’t get to see the woods of Fontainebleau in spring, Patti. Next time, perhaps?

  • We visited the palace in Fountainebleau, which was fabulous, but it was in January so the surrounding forest was dormant. As we traveled by train through the region I kept thinking it must be so pretty in the spring and summer.

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