Travel to Improve Your Mental Health

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If you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, you may be wondering if travelling will actually exacerbate your symptoms and make your problem worse. Take heart! Evidence has shown that getting away from it all can actually have a positive effect on mental and physical well-being, and here are some of the main reasons why:

Reducing Stress

More people than ever  suffer from stress, especially in the workplace, and this is one of the reasons why going on holiday can boost mental health. Simply getting away from your work environment and into a completely different setting will go a long way towards reducing stress.

When you are travelling you are more likely to unwind than when you are at home. Simply by taking time out to lie by the pool or on a beach, you will find that you are considerably more relaxed and therefore better able to see the world in a more positive light. With so many cheap flights around, getting abroad has never been easier.

Mood Boosting

Those who suffer from low mood or depression may find that visiting new places, exposing themselves to new experiences and meeting new people helps them to develop a more positive outlook. Research has shown that the improvement in mood following a holiday can last up to 4 weeks and this can help those with mental health conditions to cope better in the short term with stressful moments.

Increasing Activity

It is well known that being more active has positive effects on mental well-being, and when you are on holiday you are more likely to try different activities and do more physical exercise than when you are at home. Whether you are hiking, swimming, trying your hand at different sports or simply walking between attractions, this boost to your activity level will help your state of mind and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Remember, however, if you are planning on participating in any extreme sporting activities during your travel, make sure that you have adequate medical travel insurance to protect you in the unlikely event of an accident.

Improving Relationships

One major factor to help improve your mental health and well-being is the strength of our relationships, and the good news is that travelling can help you to reconnect with the people around you. If you are holidaying with a partner, the extra time in each other’s company can help you to become closer and more able to share experiences. If you are travelling alone, you can take this opportunity to meet new people, have meaningful interactions and form friendships that will boost your self-confidence and help to take your mind off the problems causing you stress.

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