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is not only one of the oldest German cities; it is also one of the historically most important. Today, it is an important hub for a number of longer hiking trails in the area: the Rheinsteig, the Eifelsteig, the Saarsteig are all less than an hour away by train. It is also a feeder trail of the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela aka the Way of St James or the Jakobsweg.

"Hiking hub Trier city centre"

But in late antiquity, it was in all but name the capital of the Roman Empire.

There are several buildings in today’s city that bear witness to this era, with the Porta Nigra – part of the ancient city wall which was built around 200 AD – easily the most visible.

"Porta Nigra in hiking hub Trier in Germany"

"Drei Koenigshaus in Trier Germany hiking hub"

Around 400 AD, Trier had more than 100,000 inhabitants, as many as today, and was the largest European city north of the Alps, but in the centuries after, Trier gradually lost this eminent status to upstarts such as Paris and London.

"Old buildings in hiking hub Trier in Germany"

"Toy museum in Trier hiking hub in Germany"

Most buildings in Trier’s Old Town therefore speak of the town’s history as a prosperous, but essentially provincial town of respectable burghers and traders.


"Karl Marx house and museum in Trier German"


It was also in Trier that Karl Marx was born.


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  • What a beautiful city! And too cool that it feeds into the Camino. Great photos :)

  • Trier is a very charming town as German towns go. Worth a visit when going hiking in the region.

  • Looks like a very beautiful spot with fantastic architecture.I had no idea it was a feeder trail for the Santiago de Compostela.
    I wish there was an easy way to pronounce those German trails – can’t remember them because I can’t pronounce them.

  • Very informative. Love the buildings too.

  • Thanks, Vera. Will try to post as regularly as the others do.

  • Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday, Michael. I did not know about Trier, but it is the kind of place I love to visit with lots of rich history.
    A photographer’s dream, isn’t it?

  • Sophie Redisch helped me to be able to join your Travel Photo Thursday project. I’ve been seeing it quite often on Twitter and had always wanted to participate. Will do so now weekly, if possible. Glad you dropped by and thanks for the welcome message..

  • What a beautiful town! The architecture is awesome.
    Nice to have you join us at Travel Photo Thursday, welcome!

  • Old towns…always so pretty!

  • I love Trier and am fortunate that my husband has family there so we visit once a year. Haven’t checked out the hiking yet, so will have to get on that.

  • Amazing pictures of some really cool buildings. Great that you can see such cool places while hiking in Germany.

  • Trier is a great place! I was only able to spend a little time there but I definitely would like to go back. The Roman ruins and history is amazing but I didn’t know about Karl Marx. . . interesting!

  • It is a very historic town and still carries vestiges of it. Now, of course, it’s no longer the Roman army that’s occupying it but an army of tourists instead

  • Alina, getting lost is sometimes part of the fun in a holiday. You’ll certainly remember those days well. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Alina Popescu

    I’ve been to Trier earlier this year and I just love it. Porta Nigra is indeed impressive and the whole city is very beautiful. I shopped there, tried a few restaurants and enjoyed the views of the river. I also got lost a few times while driving, because I was so sure I know the way and don’t need the GPS :) I did something to mess it up apparently :) :D

  • Jeremy Branham

    Wow, awesome information on this town! I had no idea about Trier. Would love to see some of the hiking trails around here but thanks for sharing the history. Very interesting about Karl Marx!

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