One of the Wine Festivals You Might not yet Know

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Do You Know Your German Wine Festivals?

Having told you so much about wine festivals in the Palatinate for the past two weeks, we simply have to take you to one.

"a wine festival in Speyer Germany"

Although I must quickly add that the Kaisertafel in Speyer, the region’s historic capital, is not, strictly speaking, a “wine festival” and more of a Town Festival where wine plays no more than a supporting role. But it was the closest we could get, and although they served, disappointingly, alcohol-free Riesling at the parade …

"Scenes of a wine festival in Speyer Germany "

… we had a great time – and could finally verify the local saying that you meet “friends you never knew you had” at Palatine festivities, while enjoying the local food …

"meats ready to be barbecued in a wine festival stand in Speyer Germany"

… including some rather exotic stuff such as the Dampfnudel, a sort of Philippine Siopao with the meat filling left out.

"A Dampfnudel in one of the wine festivals in Germany"

Rather touchingly, the organizers had even erected a statue in honour of Easy Hiker. They shouldn’t have, really.

"Statue of Santiago de Compostela in the middle of the town of Speyer in Germany"

Just for the record I must add that Mrs. Easy Hiker disagrees, believing that the statue represents a pilgrim on the way to Santiago de Compostela. “You have never had a stick like that,” she insists, “and I would not have let you leave home in that hat.” She also points to an inscription at the foot of the statute that she believes corroborates her view. (So, for the time being, we just have to accept that there are two conflicting theories about this matter.)

"bread being baked in a wood fired oven in one of the wine festivals in Speyer in Germany"

The Kaisertafel in Speyer was first organized in 1990 as part of the festivities to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the town. For one weekend in mid August, restaurants and caterers from the entire region turn Speyer’s main street into a party mile with fine dining as well as fast food, music and entertainment – much of the latter commemorating Speyer’s golden period in the early Middle Ages when the city pretty much served as the capital of the German Empire.

With today’s knowledge of medieval county fairs being somewhat sketchy, there is, of course, some room for “creative imagination”. You may wonder, for example, whether there really was such a thing as a manually operated ferris wheel in the 12th century …

"a hand turned mini ferris wheel for children in a wine festival in Speyer Germany"

… but that would probably be missing the point.

We only found out about the Festival after our arrival and had originally come to Speyer to wrap up our hiking trip with a visit to a beautiful, historically interesting German town. Speyer has many handsome and architecturally important buildings, mainly the Cathedral …

"The Cathedral of Speyer in Germany"

… generally believed to represent the largest Romanesque church in the world. German Emperors have been buried in the crypta for well over 300 years. There is also the Old Clock Tower …

"The old clock tower of Speyer in Germany"

… at the other end of Speyer’s main street, and between these two, there is a lovingly restored Old Town.

"architecture style of buildings in Speyer in Germany"

Speyer is well worth a visit, Kaisertafel or not.

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11 comments to One of the Wine Festivals You Might not yet Know

  • Looks like a fun festival! We’re making wine a bigger part of our travel this year so we may need to check this festival and region out! Though I’m not so sure about the non-alcoholic wine…s

  • Thanks, Beate. We would certainly love to share more info about Rheinhessen with our readers. However, we’ve not done many visits there. Perhaps we could organise some.

  • Hallo from Rheinhessen – Germanys largest wine-growing region – it is very interesting to get a look of Germany from “outside” and I´m curious to hear maybe about your Rheinhessen experiences. Best wishes Beate Hess

  • Loving that cathedral and Old Town architecture! That is one delicious looking “siopao”. I think I can actually go for that non-alcoholic wine. The festive and welcoming atmosphere shows in your photos.

  • Yeah, I couldn’t believe it myself that there was such a non-alcoholic wine, but that’s what it said there.

  • Looks like a fun time was had by all! Can’t go wrong with a festival that is full of friends I’ve never met but non-alcoholic wine???

  • Hahaha, Jeremy, you’re too kind about that resemblance. I’m way more his senior, really.

  • Jeremy Branham

    Enjoyed the quick tour of Speyer. However, I think there is a resemblance with the statue. Regardless of whether it’s you or not, they are still paying homage to hiking! :)

  • Looks like a nice festival. It’s amazing how many different kinds of entertainment can be had from the production of grapes.

  • Yes, we did see it from our hotel, Andreas. Unfortunately, we had no time to visit it.

  • Speyer is also a great place for visiting cars, locomotives, planes and even submarines at the local technology museum.

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