Yes We Cannes

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Easy hikes in the South of France

Oh, Yes We Cannes

"Oh yes we Cannes - The Carlton Hotel along the Croisette"

 Cannes was the final stop on our recent hiking trip to the South of France. We did indeed manage to do some easy hiking in the Iles de Lerins, but, to be honest, not all that much. Apologies all around, but on the final stretch of a trip that had, all in all, taken nearly two weeks to complete, we had simply run out of gas.

We had, however, just about enough energy left for a brief walk through town on our last day. On our first trip to Cannes a few years ago, we had spent a quiet week along deserted beaches in what we had found to be a pleasant, off-season seaside resort.

This time, however, we discovered that a visit to Cannes in mid-winter does not prepare you for the experience of coming here in the summer months.

"Oh yes we cannes - The open beach away from the Croisette"

Cannes is second in the French Riviera glamour stakes behind Monaco, and if you are impressed by the glamour and the glitz of the Principality, you will also like Cannes.

The local beach promenade, the Croisette, is the Champs Elysees of the French Riviera, the only difference being that its southern side, instead of providing the visitor with yet more hotels and luxury shops, is occupied by (mainly private) beaches.

"Oh yes we Cannes - A private beach along the Croisette"

Cannes, of course, owes much of its global fame to its film festival. Outside of the festival season, however, you would hardly notice. They even removed the red carpet in front of the Festival Palace. I say removed, because I know that it was still there when we came here first time. (I remember it so well because our dog pissed on it.)

"Cannes Palais de Festivals"

Apart from that, the festival hardly features at all in the townscape – and when it does, well …

"Hand prints of famous stars on the pavements of Cannes"

Although I am willing to admit that this smacks a bit of “damned if they don’t, damned if they do”. Hollywood references are, after all, notoriously difficult to do with taste and restraint, and this one isn’t all that bad, if you think about it.

The Old Town of Cannes is relatively small and stashed away in the bottom left hand corner, on the far side of the Town Hall where some visitors probably never go. Have they missed much? Perhaps not. It is cute enough, but nothing that other Riviera towns could not do better.

"The city of Cannes seen from above"

Overall, the best thing about Cannes is still the Iles des Lerins archipelago.

When’s the next ferry?


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19 comments to Yes We Cannes

  • Ooooh, now I’m dreaming of a holiday in the French Riviera – off season maybe. Thanks for the heads up on the holiday rental company – I’m always looking for new ones to try.

  • I’ve never been to the South of France but would probably visit Cannes just because but I know I’d be more at home in one of the small villages in the area! Love the dog story :)

  • Joe

    I must say Michael, Cannes must be an excellent place to visit in the South of France, nice photos too

  • Good post! Haven’t been there yet but can definitely imagine the differences, even more according to seasons. Since living in touristy Barcelona, even though is not as the french riviera, but you can taste and sense the movement, even on winter.

  • I’d imagine there aren’t many that can say there dog went on the Cannes red carpet:) Great post

  • We made it to Cannes years ago but it’s not a place I have any desire to rush back to – not enough wildness for my liking and so many other great parts of France I’d like to see.

  • I guess I’ve always had a dream about hanging out in Cannes with the rich and famous. But I think it would be even better hanging out with nice travel bloggers. ;) The beach looks very inviting.

  • I’m just fine with touristy, and Cannes looks like a great place to visit to me. I might stay home during summer or festival season though. On the other hand, I’ll never be able to watch the film festival galas again without wondering if THAT was the red carpet that your dog pissed on.

  • Ouch! Not the best way for a place to be liked. But the same thing with us about Nice. This time round, we took the time to really go around the town and was amazed at how big that city is. Almost as big as Paris. We liked it, but “loved”? Go visit Menton or Villefranche-sur-Mer, places you would surely love.

  • I’ve been there twice. The first time I loathed both Cannes and Nice. Giving them both a second chance some years later, I found I still loathed Cannes but fell in love with Nice, which totally surprised me. I’ve been back to Nice a couple more times since then, but have no interest in going back to Cannes….possibly something to do with the fact I was conned out of money in a second-hand bookstore there!

  • Ha ha! Ah, the charming city where your dog pissed on the red carpet. Conjures up so much romance. ;)

  • That sounds like tough times for you. But tell you what, it hasn’t changed that much in terms of prices. Heard that food and drink cost much less in Monaco because they tax lower, if not at all.

  • I love this story’s title. hehe!

    I was in Cannes back in 1995 when I backpacked across Europe. I remember how expensive everything was! I think four of us shared one chicken breast at a restaurant since that was all we could afford!

  • Hahaha, you’re so observant, Cole. Yes, seems that’s where they put the red carpet, for our arrival.

  • Wonderful tour and stunning pics! One day, I would love to attend the film festival! Looks like you had an amazing two weeks my friends!

  • We might skip it. Looks a bit touristy for our liking as well. Looks like the red bricks down that last photo are like the red carpet.

  • Jeremy Branham

    Cannes looks like a nice town. A bit touristy and too Hollywood for my taste but pealing back the layers, it looks rather pleasant. Granted, I will probably never go because it’s not my style.

  • Great! Enjoy living like real Italians as much as you can and share with us stories of your urban treks.

  • Your opening made us both chuckle. . .Joel said, “I can relate to that.” We’ve arrived in Italy and are now getting ready to take up the urban hiking!

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