Midnight In Madrid

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There can be no question about it:

Midnight in Madrid – Magnifique!

"Metropolis seen on midnight in Madrid Spain"

Edificio Metropolis

Some cities just are. When spotlights carve out individual buildings out of the darkness, leaving others in a haze of indirect light and shadows, we, the observers, lose some things (context, a certain degree of detail) and win others: mainly scale.

"Plaza de la Independencia seen on midnight in Madrid Spain"

Plaza de la Independencia

Some cities simply benefit more from this trade-off than others, and few do more so than Madrid.

It is not entirely coincidental that night pictures of surprisingly many of Madrid’s main sites – the Gran Via, the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza de Independencia – are top-rated on Google’s results page.

Here are some more of a selection of night pictures we’ve taken at midnight in Madrid:

"Side of Instituto de Cervantes Madrid"

Instituto de Cervantes

"Plaza de Cibeles seen on midnight in Madrid"

Plaza de Cibeles

"Reina Sofia Museum seen by Midnight inMadrid"

Reina Sofia Museum

"front of the Prado at midnight in Madrid"


"One of the fountains in front of the Prado in Madrid"

Fountain in front of the Prado

"A residential building in Madrid"

A residential building in Madrid

"Midnight at Plaza Sta Ana in Madrid Spain"

Plaza Sta Ana

"An insurance building seen at Midnight in Madrid"

We took these photographs as our way of spending midnight in Madrid.

A couple of weeks ago, we were staying in Madrid on the invitation of the leading budget Spanish airline Vueling and the award-winning Indie Internet radio station ScannerFM who had asked us to discover the city on our own terms. In the day time, we used the opportunity to search out a couple of easy hikes in and around the Spanish capital. Sponsored visitors are never off duty, of course, and in the evenings we continued our hikes in the city itself – from tapas bar to tapas bar, mainly. It’s a hard life! But at least we never forgot to take the camera.

30 comments to Midnight In Madrid

  • Our first visit to Madrid was about 10 years ago. On our recent second visit, we loved it. There were so many changes and it was livelier and not so full of tourists. Contrary to Barcelona, that we also first visited 10 years ago. Then, we had the “place” almost to ourselves, we could enter the Sagrada Familia anytime we came. Today, it’s impossible. I’d take Madrid anytime, now.

  • Cindy


    I’m planning on a return trip Spain, this time with the husband. Is Madrid a must-see? We were planning to go back to Barcelona and area, and also visit Seville.


  • Unfortunately, not many cities bother to light up their best sites. They really should learn from Madrid and Paris on this.

  • Simply beautiful Michael! I love strolling through cities at night…one of the best times. Your photos are lovely..especially the Plaza de Cibeles

  • I feel a little embarassed. None of these photos of Madrid look familiar. Then again, the night transforms a city. I always find it more beautiful at night- takes away the harsh realities of daylight. Love the Reina Sofia… that looks like gorgeous architecture day or night.

  • I must say, I’m also rather proud of that shot. No fancy tricks with exposure. Just pointed and clicked. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • The Plaza de Independencia is exceptionally beautiful.

  • Gregory

    I must be there. I want to be there just now. Sometime I will be there!!

  • Julie, that picture doesn’t really capture how amazing Plaza de Cibeles is. Hope the kids would cooperate. Just promise them ice cream.

  • Wow! Beautiful pictures. The one of Plaza de Cibeles is my favorite. We head there with our kids in April. Nighttime photography may be the key to keeping them up a little bit later!

  • We’ve been to Madrid about 22 years ago before this and having a toddler along then meant our visit to the city could only be done during the day.

  • Love these! I’ve never been to Madrid for “fun,” always in the process of doing something else, and the result is that I may have seen it after dark more than in the daytime when I come to think about it. I had one of the very best nights of my life there on a tapas crawl, getting in at 5am with a 7am wake-up call – but it was totally worth it, even though I almost nodded off at a conference the next day! I felt totally safe at night there too. I’m not naive enough to think it actually IS totally safe, but I felt much more comfortable than in some cities.

  • Madrid at midnight is just crying out to be photographed, really. Glad you liked it. I’m sure you’ll have your chance to go back to Madrid, too.

  • Great photos. It makes me regret that we bypassed Madrid when we were in Spain two years ago. There are so many things to see and do in that country, we had to pick and choose. Now I wish we chose Madrid!

  • Madrid is really dazzling at night, Cathy.

  • Gorgeous night shots! I especially like the Plaza de la Independencia and the residential building. What a beautiful city.

  • Glad you liked it, Jessica. Thanks for dropping by, too.

  • Thanks for sharing this post with me on SU – these photos are lovely. Midnight walks around cities have always been my favorite, long before the Woody Allen film! Great pics.

  • What a great set of photographs! You’re right Madrid is beautiful at night.

  • Sounds like my idea of a perfect holiday, hiking during the day and exploring the city at night.

  • We got the idea of showing Madrid at midnight because we were dazzled when we arrived there at 8 p.m. Show us yours, Jeremy.

  • Jeremy Branham

    When I was there, I walked around late at night and took some of these same photos. Madrid at night was beautiful – not even sure what inspired me to take these photos but after this post, I may have to share mine as well!

  • We did have fun, contrary to our expectations, Leigh.

  • What a lovely selection of shots. It looks like you were having fun.

  • Thanks, Simon. Always nice having you drop by.

  • Lovely shots, Michael. Together with your post on hiking in Madrid, it makes me think that it might be time to go back and stay longer :-)

  • Don’t we know it, Sophie.

  • Madrid is so golden and gorgeous at night. And yes, a blogger’s life can be so strenuous, can’t it … ;)

  • Madrid lit up can compete with Paris, Vera. Worth seeing and staying up for.

  • Oh, I definitely love these pictures. I did see Madrid after dark, but don’t stay up til midnight when I’m traveling.

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