Stairways of Valletta

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by Mrs Easy Hiker

Perhaps it is because we are under the charms of Liguria (the nearest Italian region neighbouring Menton where we now reside) and lived along the stairways of Montmartre for more than 20 years, that the sight of the stairways of Valletta gave us a tug of familiarity.

There is definitely an Italianate feel to Malta’s capital city. Its narrow cobblestoned alleyways certainly remind us of many found in San Remo.

"One of the narrow stairways of Valletta in Malta"

"a Vespa on top of a narrow stairway of Valletta in Malta"

The wider ones are usually lined with cafes and shops.

"one of restaurant lined stairways of Valletta in Malta"

"one of the shop-lined wide stairways of Valletta in Malta"

"one of the wide stairways of Valletta"

Some old stairways have been reduced to pedestrian-lane size to give way to motor vehicle roads.

"one of the reduced in size stairways of Valletta"
All in all, the stairways of Valletta definitely contribute to the charm of the island.

"one of the charming stairways of Valletta"

"residential buildings lining one of the stairways of Valletta"

"one of the stairways of Valletta leading to a walkway by a river"

What features in a town or city you’ve visited tugged a familiar string in your hearts?

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